Afghan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shokouh Splendor; Magnificence; She is a splendid woman Girl -
Isaad A cooperative man Boy Islam
Afshaneh Sprinkling or scattering Girl Islam
Berezira One who is full of intelligence Girl Islam
Farkhondeh Happy; One who is happy, and joyous; Joyous Girl Islam
Mukhtar The chosen one; Chosen; Chosen authorized Boy Islam
Kashm A historical and mythical persian princess Girl Islam
Khilji Open; Name of dynasty; Refers to an afghan village Boy Islam
Nouman Flower beds Boy Islam
Naghma Song; Melody; A melody or musical note Girl Islam
Zarak Gold Boy Islam
Aarash A hero in persian folklore; First ray of the sun; A hero; A hero; a hero in persian folklore Boy Islam
Gulru They are soft like a flower and give good smell to othersthey are very soft, kind and sensitive; Rosy-faced Boy -
Noushineh A musical tone of old persian music Girl Islam
Aryo Fierce; Name of the iranian hero who fought against alexander the great; Variant of arrio: warlike Boy Islam
Shahpar The longest feather in a bird Boy Islam
Bahnam A reputable and honorable person Boy Islam
Zamaair Hearts, or consciences Girl Islam
Emma Dil Heart's wish Girl Islam
Chaghama A type of folk music in afghanistan Girl Islam
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