Afghan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aakrama Name of a famous companion of prophet muhammad Boy Islam
Shaherzad City-born, or daughter of city Girl Islam
Paksima One with an innocent face Girl Islam
Farahnoush One who is always happy, or one who is always joyous Girl Islam
Nazy Cute; A cute or appealing lady Girl -
Imam Leader or chief; Leader chief Boy Islam
Ferhana One leading a comfortable life Girl Islam
Jansher Life of a lion Boy Islam
Tasneem Fountain of paradise; A river in heaven; Variant of tasnim: fountain of paradise Girl Islam
Pazir One who is good in the eyes of everyone Boy Islam
Darsameen Valuable, expensive, and costly Girl Islam
Arezo Wish or desire Girl Islam
Azyan Decorations; Adornment or decoration Unisex Islam
Soban Steps; To return to allah, or to repent; Name of a companion of the prophet (pbuh) Boy Islam
Azfaar Victory and triumph Boy Islam
Farzaneh Wise; A wise woman; Beautiful Girl Islam
Shahpur Son of the king; Prince, son of a king Boy Islam
Moska The smile or the expression of happiness Girl -
Zaryan Not known; Seeker of wealth Boy Islam
Jaah Respect; Rank; Dignity or grandeur Boy Islam
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