African Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Duka All; Free detailed and determined person Boy Christianity
Jawdat Excellence goodnaess; One who wants to be excellence Boy -
Shandra Variation of sandra; One who lives near the cfurch of the fortress Girl -
Ghalyela Precious; A person who is very valuable Girl -
Etemaad Variant of e'temad: faith trust; Faith or trust in african Boy Christianity
Njoki She who returned Girl Christianity
Kirabo Kirabo means the one who is a gift of the god; Gift from god Unisex -
Tiwa One who owns the crown or kingship; Onions Unisex -
Abdulrahmaan Servant of the mercifully gracious Boy Islam
Baba Born on thursday; Sweet baby; Young lad Boy -
Rauf A person of great compassion for others, a merciful person; Compassionate merciful Boy -
Nomalanga Brilliant or sunshine light Girl Judaism
Diallo Bold; A strong and bold person Boy Christianity
Ashaki One who is beautiful; West african female name meaning "beautiful." Girl Islam
Kofi Akan name common in ghana; Kofi means he is born on a friday; Meaning "born on friday." Boy -
Dumisani Give praise; A honorable and well praised Girl Christianity
Geteye My master; Amharic name meaning "my master." Boy Christianity
Wanjohi Kikuyu of kenya name meaning "brewer."; Kenyan word for brewer Boy Christianity
Harif Pungent; Hot; Pungent hot Boy -
Kayin Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "long-awaited child."; Kayin means the child that has been long awaited Girl -
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