African Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hirsi Amulet; Good luck charm Boy Christianity
Neo The talented one or skilled one; New Unisex Judaism
Tene Love; African name meaning love Unisex -
Paulo One who belongs to the people; Place of rest Boy Judaism
Diara A gift; Name of french-speaking west africa; They are quiet and a commander; Meaning "gift." Unisex Christianity
Abdulsaboor Servant of the patient Boy Islam
Tavorian Misfortune; Misfortunate one Boy Judaism
Tahira Pure, clean; Pure and virtuous Girl Islam
Thabo He who brings joy; Happiness Boy -
Osogo The osogo birth Boy Christianity
Cleotha A woman who is a creative artist and everyone else is inspired by her Girl Christianity
Gakeri A small muscle a variant of gakere Girl Christianity
Tamarr Hebrew for palm tree; Date palm Girl Judaism
Jahiem Dignified; African swahili - raised up; Raised up; Variant of jaheim Boy -
Chimalsi A proud man; Proud Boy Christianity
Hanzila Road; Path; Road, street, path, trail Girl -
Dikeledi Tears; One who is filled with lot of tears Girl Christianity
Zhade Princess of the african violet Girl -
Annakiya This means "sweet face" in hausa language; The one who has a sweet face Girl -
Mashaka Trouble; One who brings trouble Unisex -
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