Anuradha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nikesh Another name for lord sri maha vishnu; The god; Lord vishnu; Man who save people; Infinite Boy Judaism
Nishandeep The lamp for a sign; Moon Boy Judaism
Nuthan The fresh one or the new one; New Girl Judaism
Neelkanth The lord shiva of the world; Shiva; Peacock Boy Judaism
Negar Sweetheart; The one is very loving and close to heart Girl -
Nihaar Dew; Fog; Mist; Droplets of water suspended in the air Boy Judaism
Nimeeta Na; One who is permanent and fixed Girl Judaism
Nemi Dashratha; The father of lord rama Boy Judaism
Nela Enjoying or marked by joy or pleasure; Like a horn; Form of cornelius Girl Judaism
Ning Peace; Tranquility; There is none like the spirit; Rest Boy Judaism
Nicanor Victorious army; The triumph of the multitude Boy Judaism
Nima Sanctification or benediction or consecration or blessing; To adjust; The mother of kabir Girl -
Newhall From the new hall; The hall that is just made Boy Judaism
Nena Sweet little girl, the favourite great grand daughter; Dear; Darling; Chamoru spanish term of endearment Girl Judaism
Nimmia The precious talent from the most high place; Created; Conceived; Formed Girl Judaism
Nilamber One who resembles the blue heaven; Blue sky Boy Judaism
Numair Panther; Panther, a large spotted feline of tropical america similar to the leopard Boy -
Nirbhaya Fearless; The person without fear, fright, terror or scare Boy Judaism
Nidal Skirmish, competition, protection, free-for-all, match, shield; Defense; Fight Boy -
Nitsa Peace; Peace. one who spread peace Girl Judaism
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