Anuradha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nidarr A fearless or one without fear; Fearless Boy Judaism
Nicolaas Victorious army; The person who won the title on behalf of the people Boy Judaism
Niazmina Apple of the eye; Dear one; A girl who dear one or apple of the eye Girl Islam
Ningappa Onther name of lord mailar lingappa; Recognize with gratitude Boy Judaism
Nisar Sacrifice; Dispersion; One who is passive and diplomatic; Scattering; Throwing Girl Judaism
Nemet One who does not speak bad; A gift of god Boy Judaism
Nur al din Brightness of the faith; The clarity of the trust or hope Boy -
Nixon Abbreviation of nicholas mythological nike was greek goddess of victory and root origin of nicholas; The son of greek goddess of victory Boy Judaism
Neina Eyes; A city by the stream Girl Judaism
Neel The colour blue; Ord shiva; Passionate; Lue; Blue; Champion; Lord shiva; Cloud; Sky blue color, bluish image Boy Judaism
Nuraldin The clearness of faith; Brightness of the faith Boy -
Nivedya An offering make to god; Offering to god Girl Judaism
Neelesh Moon; Lord krishna; Another name for lord krishna Boy Judaism
Nityayuj Always concentrating; One who is constantly without equality Boy Judaism
Neila Feminine of neil champion; The one who is concluding or finishing the activities Girl Judaism
Nibhiv Powerful; Name of lord ganesha Boy Judaism
Nevila No meaning as this is a modern name; The newly established town Girl Judaism
Neriah Lamp of the lord; The shining light of the most high god; Light Girl Judaism
Nilam Blue gem. precious stone.; Resembling the color of light shade of blue; Resembling a precious blue stone Girl Judaism
Nivruti Ever good-looking; The retirement from life Girl Judaism
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