Arabic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abdulrehman A person who helps the merciful and gracious one Boy Islam
Rashauna Splendid flower of god; Shield; Strong defender Girl Islam
Durriya A glittering and sparkling person; Expensive pearl Girl -
Athir Preferred; A person who can be honored; Favoured Boy -
Abdul mubde A true servant of god or allah who help all gracious Boy Islam
Aati Giver; best ower; a kind of water bird; The one who is generous Boy Islam
Maliq An angel of god; Master Boy -
Suud One who is blessed with the best luck; Good luck Boy Islam
Badiy Novel; Primal; One who is beautiful by birth Boy -
Abbad A great worshiper of allah; The name has a meaning of spices, sweet herbs Girl Islam
Jemell A form of jemal (handsome) Boy -
Raziq A person who provides, also means god; God provider Boy -
Tuti An uncommon name of a girl Girl Islam
Bayyan Clear, evident; Evident; Clear Boy Islam
Hameedah Girl, woman who gratitude allah regulary Girl Christianity
Nisar Sacrifice; Dispersion; One who is passive and diplomatic; Scattering; Throwing Girl Judaism
Gulinear Gulinar means the flower of pomegranate also known as anarkali in urdu and hindi; Variant of gulinar: pomegranate flower Girl -
Khuzayma Old arabic name; The name means a type of tree, a dragon tree Boy -
Shahira Famous Girl -
Nahian One who attains the height of wisdom; Stopper Boy -
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