Arabic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nurdeen The brightness of the belief; Light of the religion Boy -
Raqeema One who is intelligent and perceptive Girl Islam
Delara One who can bring happiness in others life Unisex -
Abdul basit This islam name means servants of god who helps all personalities; Extender; Servant of the expander Boy Islam
Manimuthu River pearls; A river of precious stones, a river of pearls Boy -
Noora Variant of nura: light; The name of a famous poet Girl -
Maisarah Richness; Wealth; Comfort; Ease; An arabic name for girls that means ease, needlessness Girl -
Sabeer Patient; A patient person Boy -
Zarqa A girl with bluish green eyes; Having bluish green eyes Girl Islam
Saameyah A pure woman Girl -
Tajammul Beauty dignity; Something used to beautify something Boy Islam
Taheem Pure; One who is pure at heart Boy Islam
Sihaam Arrows Girl Islam
Farzam Befitting; A befitting and worthy man; Worthy Boy Islam
Busraq An indian yellow ruby Boy Islam
Mufid Useful Boy Islam
Sarasana The radiant princess or the bright princess Girl -
Aflaq A heavenly light of the morning Girl -
Najmah The most graceful star; Star Girl -
Saban A soap maker Boy -
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