Aridra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Navendu The new moon after amavasya; The moon a night after amavasya Boy Judaism
Navish The new lord of mankind; Lord shiva; Sweet; Poison less Boy Judaism
Kunja Grove of trees; In sanskrit it means thicket Boy Hindu
Naamjog Coming together with name, who love the name; Union with naam Boy Judaism
Nabhendu New moon; The beautiful and pretty moon in the blue sky Boy Judaism
Nageshwar Lord of the cobras; The monarch of the cobras Boy Judaism
Nama A tea-tree; The name of a tree which produces tea leaves Boy Judaism
Nasima Gentle breeze zephyr; A soft flow of air Girl -
Nagavenkatasai The powerful and supernatural creator of the world; God Boy Judaism
Navaratna Nine types of gems; The new gemstone, that will remain fresh Boy Judaism
Naagendra The lord of the peak of serpents; Lord of serpents (vaasuki) Boy Judaism
Namish The lord of names, lord vishnu; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Kushala Kushala name has more meanigns, like happy, safe or an expert; Virtuoso; Happy; Safe; Expert Girl Judaism
Naima Belonging to one; Free from disturbances; Graceful Girl -
Nashema Wise; A blossom or a wise girl; Blossom Girl -
Kusumoda Kusumoda means the sea of flowers; Sea of flowers Boy Judaism
Kushali Happy; The name means she is the clever one; Prosperous Girl Judaism
Nasserudeen Protector of the faith; The winner of religion Boy -
Kusumavati Flowering; The name means spring flowers Girl Judaism
Nanjeyan Lord shiva; A greatest lord; God Boy Judaism
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