Aridra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Naishal The mountain, as strong as mountain; Parvat Boy Judaism
Ghaliba Conqueror; Winner; The one who conquers; Victor Boy -
Nayif Surplus; Excellent; High; The great, or highness; Abundance Boy -
Navjinder From the mountain via the river; Everfresh lord Boy Judaism
Narayana Refuge of man; God; Where all living species take final rest; Vishnu; Refuge of; Man; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Nakula The sharp animal, mongoose; Goddess parvati Boy Judaism
Ghasita Haul; Pull; Draw; Dragged Boy -
Naamnivas The one who is living by his own name only; Dwelling in naam Boy Judaism
Naamleen Absorbed in naam; Fascinated by the name Boy Judaism
Naren Manly or masculine, male; People with this name tend to be filled with the joy of life. they are quite imaginative and enthusiastic Boy Judaism
Nashita Energetic and full of life; A lively woman; One who is energetic; A lively woman, very energetic Girl -
Nalladurai Who possess love for mankind, honest person; Honest; Benevolent Boy Judaism
Naqqad One who criticize or review; Critic reviewer Boy -
Nather Eyes; Something distributed or spread across Boy Judaism
Naziha Pure; Prosperous; Successful; Honest; A girl that never lies Girl -
Kuhaki Enchanter; The name means enchanter Girl Judaism
Najib Excellent. noble.; An aristocrat, noble person; Of noble descent; A highborn man Boy -
Ghaazi Conqueror; Variant of ghazi: war champion hero conqueror Boy Islam
Nabihah Intelligent; The person who is possessing excellent knowledge Girl -
Nawin New; The newest of the freshest of all Boy Judaism
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