Ashlesha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Diamanda One who is of highest value; Of high value: brilliant the precious diamond stone Girl Christianity
Debashmita One who can smile and make people smile like god; God has blessed them with a beautiful smile Girl Hindu
Dent Diminutive of denton: valley town; Tooth; Independent; A hill Boy Christianity
Deepesh Sun; God of sunlght; Lord of light; Diplomatic and skillful Girl Hindu
Dorian A war hero; A dorian; Came from the district of greece Boy Christianity
Donalda They are the masters who rule many; Rules all Girl Christianity
Digisha One who directs others on the correct direction; Direction of god Girl Hindu
Dominga Born on sunday of the lord; One who is born on the day of the lord Girl Christianity
Dorothy One who has a vision and is freedom loving; Gift of god Girl Christianity
Deenabandhav Protector of the downtrodden; One who is friends with the poor Boy Hindu
Dicel Pet form of mathias; People of a certain race; Gods faithful child Boy Christianity
Dinadhisa Sun; They are inflaming and exciting Boy Hindu
Dehan Fine; Superior; Excellent; Good Boy -
Doryu Way of the dragon; One who understands the ways of a dragon Boy Buddhism
Deenar Gold coin; A shining gold coin Boy Hindu
Dorien Name of the legendary hero of greece; Descendant of dorus dorian was a character in oscar wilde's novel the picture of dorian gray who was given his wish that his portrait would age while he remained young and handsome Boy Christianity
Donielle A lady who is very respectful and honoured; Lady from the respectful title donna Girl Christianity
Dorette Or any name ending in -dora it has become common as a name on its own famous bearer: william wordsworth's daughter was known in later life as dora; Dorothy; A wonderful human being who is a gift; Variant of dora: originally a diminutive of dorothea Girl Christianity
Divyaman Having brightness; Life of a being; Kindness Boy Hindu
Deepthi Flame or luster or glow or shine; Ray of light; Brightness; Brilliance; Luminous and bright; Beauty (she is the wife of sekhar); Full of light Boy -
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