Ashlesha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Deeptamshu Lantern; A glowing light; Ray of light Boy Hindu
Depen Master of deepak; Master of deepaks; Master of light Boy -
Dickens Surname; A beloved and famous king Boy Christianity
Demarco One who is of the mark; Of mark; A demanding person Boy Christianity
Donall They are a stranger; Strong and efficient; Stranger Boy Christianity
Diptanu One who shines through all the problems; Shiner Boy Hindu
Deandria Blend of deanne: (divine) plus variants of andrea: (masculine) and sandra: (protector of man.); They are the guardians who protect Girl Christianity
Divina Divine one; Godlike creature; A divine; Respect Girl Christianity
Deshraj Emperor; King of a country; Ruler Boy -
Door Far; One with huge heart; An open door; Away Boy Christianity
Deenadayaal A humble and merciful person; Humble and merciful Boy Hindu
Denzel A place-name in cornwall; The wild one who is very gentle Boy Christianity
Devyansh Radiance and luminance of god; Part of the divine light; Part of god; Part of god part of the divine light Boy -
Donnie Form of donn; Form of donn in mythology the irish donn was known as king of the underworld; One who is from underworld Girl Christianity
Delsie Form of dolores; Lady of sorrows; One who has taken god as his oath Girl Christianity
Deepsharn Deep search Boy -
Dilbagh Blossoming heart; Lionhearted lit. tiger; A brave as well as kind person Boy Sikh
Denim A word name; Strong cloth; Another name for a strong cloth Unisex Christianity
Dilara One who is an ornament of beauty; Beloved Girl -
Divyodak A mature and experienced being; Holy water Boy Hindu
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