Ashwini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lakshya Destination; Aim; Person who has high aims in life; Target; Arget Boy Judaism
Chuni Na; A scarf that is tied on the head Girl Sikh
Lavanis Appealing; Attractive; Good looking; Beautiful; Softness; A derivative from lavanya which means beauty; Handsome Boy Hindu
Lauraine The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory old name with many variants; Name meaning laurel tree. has many variations Girl Judaism
Chayan Selection; Collecting; Dog; Life; To choose Boy -
Khayrullah The prosperity of allah swt; The name means the prosperity of the allah Boy -
Fadlallah To feel the excellence of allah; The excellence of god Boy Islam
Cholena Bird; The egg laying living thing that can fly Girl Christianity
Landis People from the green plains; From the grassy plain Boy Judaism
Praacheth One of many names of valmiki one who was born out of a ant hill; Name of valmiki Boy Hindu
Lajbir The name means as brave as a hunderd thousand; Honourable brave Boy Judaism
Prasheila Beginning; Ancient time; Origin, starting point Girl Hindu
Laharika Waves of ocean; Laharika means waves of the ocean Girl Judaism
Lalitraj Appealing; Attractive; Lovely; Good looking; Elegant; Beautiful; Handsome Boy Hindu
Lakar Challenge; Wood pieces; Lakar means challenge Boy Judaism
Cheree Darling like a goddess; Variant of cherie dear one:darling Girl Christianity
Chela Consolation; A consolation Girl Christianity
Chayapathi Sun; Bright, radiant and luminous light of the sun; The sun Boy -
Lakhabir Brave as hundred thousand; Brave as a hundred thousand Boy Judaism
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent; Labeeb means the sensible one; Variant of labib: sensible intelligent Boy -
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