Ashwini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Fiala A violet woman; Violet Girl Christianity
Chetu Power of intellect; Consciousness of mind Boy -
Fletcher A maker (and seller) of arrows; Arrowmaker Girl Christianity
Clancey Variant of clancy: the red-haired soldier's son; A warrior who is healthy red coloured; Ruddy warrior; A soldier's son Boy Christianity
Clancy One who fights at the battlefield; Ruddy warrior; A warrior; A soldier's son Boy Christianity
Lakshmishree A person who is blessed with good fortune; Fortunate Boy Judaism
Laddy The name means small boy, a lad; Manservant; Young man Boy Judaism
Blas Firebrand; Stutters Boy Christianity
Chembiyan Also sembiyan; One of the many names of lord shiva Boy -
Flak Till end; Means swampy grasslands; Gut Boy -
Lareen The one who symbolises honor and victory, like a lurel tree; Variant of laura: laurel tree or sweet bay tree Girl Judaism
Chumani A product of transpiration by plants; Dew drop; Sioux name meaning " dewdrops." cocheta Girl Christianity
Ceola The throat; Shortened form of osceola Unisex Christianity
Lach Lach means person who lives near a water; Lives near water Boy Judaism
Pramila One of arjunas wife; One of arjunas wives; One of arjuna's wife; Wise and intellectual woman with great worldly knowledge; Sleep Girl Hindu
Grantland From the large meadow; They are handsome and charming hey love to live in dream world Boy Christianity
Lalji Dear one; Lovely; Pampered; Red colour; Similar to lal; A variant of lal; Beloved; Close to heart Boy Hindu
Phoolan Blooming; Beautiful; Flower; Soft and tender like a flower; Flowering Girl Hindu
Fadila Generous and distinguished; A woman who gives generously Girl Islam
Cheree Darling like a goddess; Variant of cherie dear one:darling Girl Christianity
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