Assamese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Yashica Uccess; Successful, brave and intelligent lady; Success Girl Hindu
Umika One of the names of goddess parvati; Goddess parvati; Goddess Girl Hindu
Tanan Happy; Happy, a happy and cheerful soul Boy Hindu
Sattvik Pure; Innocent; One who is polite, honest and virtuous; Divine; Virtuous; Honesty; Polite; Pious Boy Hindu
Balvinder The name means 'victorious through strength; Strong Girl -
Yanti Goddess parvati; Yanti is a name of goddess parvati and means thoughts Girl Hindu
Upendranath Upendranath is a variant of upendra and means lord visnhu; Worship to lord vishnu; Variant form of upendra Boy Hindu
Zeena A hospitable woman Girl Hindu
Swrang Sining; A musical instrument Boy Hindu
Vijul A silk-cotton tree; A silk-cottom tree Girl Hindu
Sudem Breeze; Breeze, smooth as a breeze Boy Hindu
Upangshu Winner; Winner, winner in all fields Boy Hindu
Poumit Collection of love; One of the names of lord krishna it means collection of love; Lord krishna Boy Hindu
Ushmi Energy; Heat or energy; Heat Girl Hindu
Vaibhav Glorious/ powerful/ born of the moon; Richness; Riches; One who is fortunate, prosperous and intelligent Boy Hindu
Him Bright; Ice; Snow Boy Christianity
Nabanil A new, clear blue sky; A new clear blue sky Boy Hindu
Pramathesh He who was the first god on the world; First god in the world Boy -
Pranab The om sound. can also mean the feeling of love; God Boy -
Yaalisai Music from yaazh; Melodious Girl Hindu
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