Assamese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rihon Creative; Restless; A creative and restless person Boy -
Jahnu Name of a sage; A name of the ancien wise sage Boy -
Tanka Victorious; Victorious winner Boy Hindu
Tanmoy Body; Engrossed; Sudden; Absorbed; With an inspire; One who is completely absorbed in god Boy Hindu
Yuti Union Girl Hindu
Shomnath Assamese variation of somnath, meaning lord shiva; Name of lord shiva; Lord of the moon Boy Hindu
Poumit Collection of love; One of the names of lord krishna it means collection of love; Lord krishna Boy Hindu
Priyom Assamese version of priyam, meaning beloved, or loved by all; Loveable Boy Hindu
Yagavi Bright Girl Hindu
Salmi Beautiful and endearing; Beautiful; Endearing Girl Hindu
Yamha Dove Girl Hindu
Yangkyi An adorable girl; Adorable Girl Hindu
Yasti Slim Girl Hindu
Niyor Dew drops; Fog Boy Hindu
Suvansu Fragrance, a sweet fragrance; Fragrance Boy Hindu
Yakootah Emerald Girl Hindu
Puhor Light Boy Hindu
Sattvik Pure; Innocent; One who is polite, honest and virtuous; Divine; Virtuous; Honesty; Polite; Pious Boy Hindu
Moidul Main; The member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism; New Boy Judaism
Santati Goddess durga; A name of goddess durga it means granter of wishes; Granter of issues Girl Hindu
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