Australian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gah Name for a sword and pond Boy Christianity
Verity Truth Girl Christianity
Himyar First ancestor of the tribe of bani saba to which king zahhak belonged Boy Hindu
Bastiaan Venerable; Revered Boy Christianity
Jonette It means happiness, jubilation and to rejoice these people are blessed with many things and advantages they are born elegant and natural; Modern feminine of john and jon Girl Sikh
Keily Keily means boomerang Girl -
Hba The glowing one or radiant one Girl Judaism
Juli Youthfulthey have high dreams and prove to be great ideals for other people they are fast and strong; Young Girl Hindu
Alirah The quartz stone Girl -
Leueua A volcano matter, lava Girl Judaism
Jozefa It means god will increase his blessings they get success and have exotic and fun in their life Girl Christianity
Julietta Youthful; They set their ambitions very high and are born elegant they are kind heart persons and easily involve themselves in activities Girl Christianity
Juliza They have zeal for living and wants to acwuire knowledge they keep learning with the passage of time and are unique Girl Judaism
Aimo Good; Finnish - generous amount; Proper; Fair-sized; Generous amount Boy Christianity
Norin Great, honourable, moral, decent Boy Judaism
Joylyn Joyful one; They have fun side and lucky in every possible way young and noble attitude they do cherish their past Girl Christianity
Jomon Small boy; It means natural and joy such people doesnot express their feelings very easily and are mysterious they are geunine and ornate Boy Sikh
Jimme People with this name are stubborn and often hurt people they do not have stable attitude and are not focused towards their life or goals Boy Christianity
Harwell Well of the stags; Well for stags Boy Christianity
Ghy Australian name meaning a pond or a pool Boy Christianity
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