Australian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Julietta Youthful; They set their ambitions very high and are born elegant they are kind heart persons and easily involve themselves in activities Girl Christianity
Cuma The one who bears christ Boy Christianity
Nansy God has forgiven me Girl Judaism
Julieth They are heavenly sort of persons very simple living, elegant, easy going people get impress from their simplicity and strong spiritual nature Girl Christianity
Rashtin He who is truthful Boy -
Halena Light, brightness, shining one Girl Christianity
Norin Great, honourable, moral, decent Boy Judaism
Leueue Magma, lava Girl Judaism
Aimo Good; Finnish - generous amount; Proper; Fair-sized; Generous amount Boy Christianity
Nathra A brief or incomplete view Girl Judaism
Jimmie Variant of jacob supplanter; Responsible, diplomatic and have desire to face challenges and are adventourous they can easily change their habits because of having dynamic nature Unisex Christianity
Aari Mountain of strength; Mountain Boy Christianity
Taleigha Lamb of god Girl Christianity
Nihit God gift; The precious talent from god Boy Judaism
Juancarlos Combination of juan and carlos; They are serious thinkers and full of energy they find their compatible level with people very easy friends enjoy their company Boy Christianity
Aase The mountain covered with trees, it also has a meaning of god; Tree-covered mountain aegileif Girl Christianity
Adamo Son of red earth; First man to come to life Boy Christianity
Miah The moon; The much dearest person Girl Judaism
Gie Gie is a male name of australian origin rarely used as a first name, but a common surname Boy Christianity
Danian Famous warrior Boy Christianity
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