Bengali Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Namisha The lord of all, lord vishnu; Giving pleasure Boy Judaism
Dnyanesh Name of saint, wealth of spirutual knowledge; King; Person having power of knowledge Boy Hindu
Daarshik Perceiver; The one who perceives Boy Hindu
Lajjawati Modest woman; The name means a sensitive plant; A sensitive plant Girl Judaism
Jivandeep The lamp of life; Radiance and luminant flame of life Boy Hindu
Chopalakanta Like lightening; Like a bolt of lightning Boy Hindu
Trishna Desire; In mythology; The goddess of the deceased; Desired.; Protector of graves; Thirst Girl Hindu
Gobhil A philosopher in sanskrit; Well learned; A sanskrit scholar Boy -
Eka The first born child; Alone; Matchless; Unique; Lord vishnu Unisex Christianity
Dwijaraj The moon; King of brahmins; One who is a white or a blonde Boy Christianity
Anudeepthi A praiseworthy individual who is divine light; Divine light Girl -
Ritam Sacred action; Name of lord hanuman; Divine truth; Beautiful; Honest; Duty; Right Boy Hindu
Shubhang Handsome; A handsome man Boy -
Pruthivi World; Universe; Earth Boy Hindu
Ankia God is gracious; God is gracious one and she has answered the prayers and are prize possession Girl -
Tavleen Captivated by god; Engrossed in god Girl Sikh
Chandrim Soothing light; Light Boy Hindu
Konark Bright and brilliant like sun; Shining sun; The sun Boy Hindu
Bhooma Earth Girl Hindu
Pushpita To be embelished with flowers; Decorated with flowers Girl -
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