Bengali Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shalya An arrow; Throne Boy -
Jyran Lost love; One who is an equivalent treasure like a lost love Boy Hindu
Sutara Holy star Boy Hindu
Phalgun Snowy season; One who was born under the star falguni; Name of a hindu month; One of many names of arjuna; . a month in hindu calander; Red, reddish Boy Hindu
Abhisek Purification or cleansing by worship; Purification; Anoint; Ritual; Shower of milk; Bathing to god; Water over an idol Boy Hindu
Pushpa A female who is flower-like; Flower Girl -
Swarnaprabha Golden light Girl Hindu
Ashneel The best; Unbeatable; To win or succeed in everything Boy Hindu
Chander Moon; Beautiful moon Boy Hindu
Pambavasan One who lives in pamba; An individual who lives in pamba Boy Judaism
Durgesh One who is the lord of the forts; Lord of fort Boy Hindu
Havih Oblation; Offerings; An insightful, famous and priceless person Boy Christianity
Khukumani The name means a petitte girl; Little girl Girl Judaism
Abinesh A person of enduring fame; Eternal; Who has no death; Immortal Boy Hindu
Navapriyan Good name; The new friend or companion Girl Judaism
Daulat One who brings good fortune; Wealth Unisex -
Kanjam Born from water; One of many names of lord brahma; Lotus; Nectar Boy Hindu
Jayavanti Victorious Girl Christianity
Bhadrak Handsome; Handsome, attractive Boy Hindu
Arumugam One of the many names of lord muruga which signifies his six faces; Lord murugan; Six-faced Boy Hindu
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