Bharani Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Fuller Cloth thickener; The one who stitches clothes Boy Christianity
Thistle Thistle; A name of a plant Boy Christianity
Carlow One who comes from the four-parted lake; Quadruple lake Boy Christianity
Loukas Latin name describing light; Light Boy Judaism
Philibert Meaning very bright famous bearer: 7th century french abbot st philibert; French derivitive of the old german filibert; A friend and a passionate lover Boy Judaism
Zali Special; It is a variant form of sarah which means princess; Hebrew - born to royalty Girl Judaism
Lishanth A variant of name lishan which means award or medal; Lucky; Defender of mankind Boy Hindu
Farnley From the fern meadow; A person who lives on the fern fields Boy Christianity
Lijesh Radiant; Luminant; Light; Brilliant; Bright; Bright feature Boy Hindu
Leola Loyal: faithful; Lionesse Girl Judaism
Lulie Sleepy; A person whose birth was illuminated by daybreak Girl Judaism
Lovepal Love to god Boy -
Fullere Cloth thickener; Any material used to thicken Boy Christianity
Lola Meaning woman of sorrow; Spanish name describing strong woman; Feminine form of carlos manly: abbreviation of dolores full of sorrows.; Form of dolores; Goddess lakshmi; Form of carlota; Form of louise Girl Judaism
Loba To talk; Sharing a conversation, talking Unisex -
Braulio A meadow situated on a hillside; Shining; Firey Boy Christianity
Lunet A little, small moon; Servant of laudine Girl Judaism
Calico Multi-colored; A cloth, a material Girl Christianity
Linsy She is born in lincoln's wetland; Lincolns wetlands Girl Judaism
Kyler A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church; The name means shelter Boy -
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