Bharani Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lingadevaru One of many names of lord shiva representing him in form of linga; Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Lois One who is holy; Good Girl Judaism
Florentine It means 'to flower and bloom'; Blooming; It refers to anything from the italian city of florence Girl Christianity
Lurlene Temptress; Temptress, an enchanting woman Girl Judaism
Leonardo Lion-bold leonardo da vinci is considered by many to be the most brilliant and creative men who ever lived; Bold lion Boy Judaism
Lettie Joyful; A person full of joy and delight Girl Judaism
Lomash A sage; Sage, a plant that has many healing propreties Boy Judaism
Carleigh A free peasant girl; Freeholder (dignity for life) Girl Christianity
Kylea Feminine of kyle; Kylea means she who won Girl -
Lorenia A woman who symoblises honor and victory; Variant of laura or lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory Girl Judaism
Fulop The person who admires horses; Hungarian form of philip (loves horses) Boy Christianity
Lola Meaning woman of sorrow; Spanish name describing strong woman; Feminine form of carlos manly: abbreviation of dolores full of sorrows.; Form of dolores; Goddess lakshmi; Form of carlota; Form of louise Girl Judaism
Lotis Surname referring to a locksmith; Related to lotus; Lives by the stronghold; Fortified place Boy -
Liuz A person whose inner light shines bright; Light Boy Judaism
Lifton From tbe hillside town; A person who lives in the town beside the hill Boy Judaism
Corley A hollow or an empty space in a hill; Variant of corey hill hollow Boy Christianity
Libitina Roman goddes of funerals and death; Protectress of the dead Girl -
Lizette Variation of elizabeth my god is bountiful:god of plenty; Her life is her oath to god Girl Judaism
Love Affection; Loved and loving person Girl Judaism
Lot Covered up, veiled person; Name of a king Boy Judaism
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