Biblical Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dara Wise dara was a biblical descendant of judah known for his wisdom; One with many talents Boy -
Mattan Rains; One who is a gift; Gifts Boy Judaism
Danail God is my judge; God is a judge Boy Christianity
Habakkuk A wrestler; He that embraces; Wrestler, he who embraces Boy Hindu
Abdeel A cloud of god; A vapor Boy Islam
Joed Witnessing; Jehovah is witness a biblical name; Robbing; Passing over; God is witness Girl Judaism
Yokhanna Jehovah has been gracious Boy Christianity
Ibhar He that is chosen; Election; Open like the ocean Girl Islam
Zev Wolf; Deer Boy Hindu
Paltiel Of god; Deliverance; Or banishment; Created by god Boy Judaism
Johnda Full of life energy and creativity. dynamic, intuitive and innovative; God is gracious Boy Islam
Lydia Beauty; Greece; A standing pool; Lydia was a region on the west coast of asia minor; A beautiful woman from lydia; A maiden from lydia; From lydia.; Happiness Girl Judaism
Lazaro Italian form of lazarus, biblical name; Help of god Boy Judaism
Abidan My father is judge; Father of judgment Boy Judaism
Gafna Vine; Refers to creeper or plant or climber Girl Judaism
Gabby From the name gabrielle; Derives from gabrielle Girl Christianity
Naphtali Grappling or fighting or struggling; That struggles or fights Unisex Judaism
Jared Descending a pre-flood biblical name the character jared on the late sixties tv western the big valley; Hebrew - he who descended, coming down, ruling, commanding, rose Boy -
Shammah Loss; A feeling of loss and desolation; Astonishment; Desolation Boy -
Daaood Name of a prophet; Variant of daud: the biblical david is the english language equivalent a prophet's name Boy Islam
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