Biblical Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Suzette Little lily variant of susannah in the apocryphal book of tobit susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation white lilies grew in the biblical city of susa in persia; One who is like a little rose or a little lily Girl Christianity
Neviah The one who can foretells the future things; Forcaster Girl Judaism
Denna One who lives in a valley; Glen; Valley Girl Christianity
Jonathon In the bible the name of son of king who was famous and known for courage and manly behaviour such persons are generous and unselfish soft spoken and kind hearted person who easily forgive others even at fault; Gift of god Boy Christianity
Jamiel Right hand of favor a biblical name; He who is handsome Boy -
Gabi From the name gabriela; Derives from gabriela Girl Christianity
Cyrene Myth name (mother of aristaeus); Cold floor Boy Christianity
Sosthenes Powerful'; Strong; One who has safe strength; Savior Boy Christianity
Danail God is my judge; God is a judge Boy Christianity
Dan God will judge; Under god's justice Boy Christianity
Oded The fire of salvation within oneself; Encourages Boy Judaism
Agur Biblical - stranger; Hebrew - compiler; Gathered together'; Gathered together; Stranger Boy Judaism
Jebediah Beloved friend Boy Christianity
Ethan Strong or gift of the island; Strong Boy Christianity
Mahola Dance; Hebrew - one who enjoys dancing Girl Judaism
Nazareth A place where jesus lived in his childhood; Crowned; Separated; Sanctified Boy Judaism
Abi My father; (hebrew) father, (turkish) elder brother, french (priest) Boy Judaism
Easau The acts; Variant of issa: the biblical jesus is the english language equivalent a prophet's name; A hairy individual Boy Christianity
Hezro Biblical hebrew - enclosed Boy -
Crosbey Implies "by the cross"; Variant of crosby: by the cross; Invariant to "crosby" Boy Christianity
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