Bosnian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Saha Enduring; Saha means witness in arabic and hawk in persian language; Mighty Girl Islam
Murisa One who leaves inheritance Girl Islam
Teufik To be successful, or have good fortune Boy Islam
D┼żeneta Islamic paradise Girl Islam
Merjema Bosnian form of mary, meaning star of the sea' Girl Christianity
Senadin Glow of faith, majesty of faith Boy Islam
Asja A form of anastasia, meaning resurrection Girl Christianity
Besim Faith; A happy soul Boy Islam
Izudin Power, glory of faith Boy Islam
Husnija Bosnian form of husain, meaning handsome Boy Islam
Selveta Comfort, consolation Girl Islam
Mehmed Praised Boy Islam
Elizabeta Dedicated to god Girl Christianity
Jusuf God increases (in strength, power) Boy Islam
Enas One with a friendly and jovial demeanor Girl Islam
Selver Lord, chief Boy Islam
Wuhaib A gift or present Boy Islam
Rijad Desert gardens Boy Islam
Remzija Allegoric, symbolic speech Boy Christianity
Ilda Heroine in the battle; Heroine Girl Christianity
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