Bosnian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Warqah Name of a dignitary in the quran; Petal of a flower Boy Islam
Elizabeta Dedicated to god Girl Christianity
Safet Best part or pure Boy Islam
Muharem Sacred, forbidden, holy Boy Islam
Jusuf God increases (in strength, power) Boy Islam
Velid Newborn Boy Islam
Izet Greatness, glory Boy Islam
Muniba Sbeautiful; One who is devoted to god; Diverted toward allah; To consult with allah Girl Islam
Refija She who is tall and pretty Girl Islam
Enis One who is friendly Boy Islam
Dželila One who is respected and famous Girl Islam
Daut A variant of david, meaning beloved Boy Islam
Mehmed Praised Boy Islam
Sejad Fortunate, happy Boy Islam
Bahrudin Glow of faith Boy Islam
Emina A trustworthy person Girl Christianity
Ismeta Innocent, saved from sin Girl Islam
Ćamil He who is perfect or complete Boy Islam
Besima One who is always smiling, and happy Girl Islam
Behrem Mars planet Boy Islam
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