Brischik Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nibaal Arrows; The mark to indicate the direction Unisex Judaism
Naaman Pleasant; The person who is being harmony with his taste or likings Boy Judaism
Niravadhi Boundless, unlimited, unrestricted and infinite; Endless; Limitless Boy Judaism
Nerice Powerful woman; The one who was born at the seashore Girl Judaism
Nivrutti Separated from world; Separation from world; The separation from world Girl Judaism
Yar A companion or friend; Friend Boy Islam
Nidia Nest; Disposed to bestow favours Girl Judaism
Nadheema Intimate friend; Having mutual interests or affections Girl -
Nirmal Clean; Pure; The one who dwells in the north side farm house Boy Judaism
Navarsu Nine different expressions; A person who likes to travel and experience Boy Judaism
Neethi The one has decency and good moralities; Truth Girl Judaism
Nirmail One unstained; Without flaw; One who owns a farm in north part Boy Judaism
Naintaar The one who is possessing intelligent and clear eyes; Eyes full of light Boy Judaism
Naaz The person is having self respect, a charming person; Variant of naz: pride delicacy; Pride Girl -
Yasti Slim Girl Hindu
Nesayem Blossom, floret, bud, bloom; Flower Unisex Judaism
Nanjundeswar Lord shiva who swallowed poison to save the world; God shiva, who accepted to eat poison in order to protect the world Boy Judaism
Yuvleen Absorbed in youthfulness; One who is young and vibrant with youthful energy Girl Islam
Nozomi Reliable, dependable, trust worthy; Hope Girl Judaism
Nazeeya One who has a high aspires; Optimistic and full of hope Girl -
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