Brischik Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Narsimulu The lord in the form of lion; Gods name Boy Judaism
Nihan Hidden; Secret; Concealed, secreted, undisclosed; Latent Boy -
Nandakumar Lord krishna; A man who is very happy Boy Judaism
Nesar The big sources of the earth sun and moon; The sun Boy Judaism
Yosepha God will add; God will multiply Girl Judaism
Yahya Yahyaa english translation is john; Yahea; Given by god; The biblical john is the english language equivalent a prophets name; Alternate spelling: yahia; The almighty is gracious Boy Islam
Niren Intelligent; The person who comes along from northern part; Eternal Boy Judaism
Niu A girl, a young girl, cute; Myth name (god of nothingness) Girl Judaism
Yuvraani A young princess; Princess Girl Hindu
Nicolo Victorious; Conquerer of the people variant of nicholas; The winner among all Girl Judaism
Nickan Goodness of grandparents; The winner of a war Boy Judaism
Nadhir The one who gives cautions to others; Warner Boy Judaism
Nentres Name of a king; The name of the ruler Boy Judaism
Neilson Victorious; Conquerer of the people variant of nicholas; The person who is having affection by the general public Boy Judaism
Narayana Refuge of man; God; Where all living species take final rest; Vishnu; Refuge of; Man; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Northclif Coming from north direction; From the north cliff Boy Judaism
Nokhez Newly born or fresh one or newcomer; Newly bloomed; Arising Boy -
Nazeeya One who has a high aspires; Optimistic and full of hope Girl -
Namritapreet Love for humbleness; The modest infatuation Girl Judaism
Nishikaant Lord of night; Lord chandra (moon); The husband of stronger woman Boy Judaism
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