British Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Britanii A british woman Girl Christianity
Britley One who is from the british lands Girl Christianity
Greshawn They are competent, powerful and practicalthey are able to achieve all their dreams; Unclear Boy Christianity
Charles Brave; Variant of karl; A man french variant of carl adopted by the english since seventeenth-century reigns of king charles i and ii british charles prince of wales Boy Christianity
Hodia Wonders of god Girl Christianity
Carbani A british name for baby boys Boy Christianity
Lacina Derived from lacey which is a french nobleman's surname brought to british isles after norman conquest; Lacina comes from french noble family name Girl Judaism
Garry Diminutive of gareth: gentle. modest and brave sir gareth was a legendary knight of king arthur's round table.; Based on medieval pronunciation. famous bearer: irish statesma; Spear; Diminutive of garret: hard or bold spear. an irish variant of the g Boy Christianity
Grenville They love companionship and want to work in peacethey are scholars, philosophers and teachers; From the large town Boy Christianity
Brittiany A woman of british origin Girl Christianity
Grendel They are imaginative, idealistic and determindthey inspire others; Legend name Boy -
Reeves Son of reeve surname the medieval castle or landholding reeve oversaw all feudal obligations; A person whose job is being a steward Boy -
Guillermin They are cheerful, gorgeous and idealthey have artistic and musical ability Boy Christianity
Harley Place name; From the meadow of the hares; Hare wood or meadow; Spacious meadow; From the hares meadow Boy Hindu
Fan Diminutive of frances: from france; Or free one feminine of francis famous bearers: british novelist frances burney and actress frances kemble; Short from francis, a famous bearer Boy Christianity
Clement Merciful and warm hearted; A disciple of st paul who became a first century pope; Gentle. famous bea; Gentle; From 'clemens' meaning mild or merciful. famous bearer: the british nursery rhyme 'oranges and lemons' refers to a church dedicated to st cl Boy Christianity
Marralin A female british name Girl Judaism
Aberesh Derived from medieval form of albanian in southern italy communities Girl Christianity
Branton Variant of brand mohawk indian joseph brant was a renowned strategist who fought for the british during the american revolution: and a devout scholar who translated christian religious works into his native indian tongue; A settlement with thick grow Boy Christianity
Goldcorna The one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere Girl -
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