Buddhism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tohru A transparent person Boy Christianity,Buddhism
Butsugen Buddha eye; An eye of a buddha Boy Buddhism
Thi Common middle name for girls; A single woman; Poem Girl Buddhism
Tsuru Stork wish for long life; Stork greeting for a long last life Girl Buddhism
Canh The endlessness of the environment; Scenery Boy Buddhism
Ananada One who is prosperous, prosperous Boy Buddhism
Batsaikhan He who is strong and nice Boy Buddhism
Dipankara Lord of light; One who loves to be in a peaceful state; One who lights lamps; Similar to deepankar Boy Buddhism
Nilar Sapphire Girl Buddhism
Bakti An obedient boy Boy Buddhism
Jikai Compassionate sea; The sea of sympathy who loves to take care of everyone; Ocean of compassion Boy Christianity,Buddhism
Phurba Buddhist religious dagger used for rituals by buddhist masters Girl Buddhism
Chingis A variant of chenghiz it means greatest and wise Boy Buddhism
Kob Sook A man with his heart full of happiness Boy Buddhism
Sovann He who is golden; Gold Unisex Buddhism
Kyi Clear Girl Buddhism
Chalerm Celebrated Boy Buddhism
Chuluun Stone; Stone, or he who is strong as stone Boy Buddhism
Saengdao Starlight Girl Buddhism
San Moon; Means three this name is sometimes given to the third child Girl Buddhism
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