Buddhism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Twan Smart and brainy Boy Buddhism
Genkei The one who deserves honour and integrity Boy Buddhism
Suong She is like a fog; Fog Girl Buddhism
Zenji Zen master Unisex Buddhism
Malee Flower, a flower in thailand Girl Buddhism
Nugai Dog Boy Buddhism
Jimmyl Independent, quick in decisions, frank, straightforward and simply do not tolerate hypocrisy they keep themselves constantly busy and feel powerful in helping others Boy Buddhism
Bhadrapala Protector of goodness Boy Buddhism
Batbayar Strong joy Boy Buddhism
Sunako The sand child or the dark side Girl Buddhism
Tuyet Snow white; The girl who is fair in complexion like snowflakes Girl Buddhism
Tohru A transparent person Boy Christianity,Buddhism
Druk Thunder dragon Girl Buddhism
Chesa Greatness Girl Buddhism
Chozen Clear, transparent meditation practice; Clear / transparent meditation practise Boy Buddhism
Pasang Venus or friday; Born on a friday Boy Buddhism
Kyaw Genius; Gentle; Famous, fame; Famous Girl Buddhism
Phitsamai An adorable woman Girl Buddhism
Hanumanta The monkey god of ramayana; Puffy cheeks Boy Buddhism
Khine Firm Unisex Buddhism
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