Cambodian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kosal Clever or magical Boy Hindu
Bourey Country or great city a variant of the name borey; County Boy Hindu
Phirum Peacefulness, serenity Boy Hindu
Rathana Precious stones, jewels Boy Hindu
Sros He who is charmingly beautiful Boy Hindu
Khean A type of flute, panpipe Boy Hindu
Kalliyan Kalliyan means beautiful and blessed; Best Boy Christianity
Sonith Lawful; One who has good conduct or manners Boy Hindu
Kanleakhana A woman of character Girl Hindu
Chanthou A flower found in cambodia Unisex Hindu
Daevy Angel Girl Hindu
Nearidei White four-leafed flower Girl Hindu
Arunny The morning sun Girl Hindu
Vithara Something that is spacious and expansive Boy Hindu
Sopheara A man who is handsome and attractive Boy Hindu
Kiri The name means tree bark; Mountain Girl Judaism
Chamroeun Prosperity and success Unisex Hindu
Chouma A woman who is refreshingly beautiful Girl Hindu
Leakena Characteristic and quality Girl Hindu
Nhean Instinctive Boy Hindu
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