Cambodian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Noreaksey Great power Boy Hindu
Kunthea Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance Girl Hindu
Phala Prosperous Boy Hindu
Meaker Greatest Boy Hindu
Khean A type of flute, panpipe Boy Hindu
Chanthou A flower found in cambodia Unisex Hindu
Bopha Flowers Girl Hindu
Sambath Fortunate; Happiness; Great wealth or fortune Boy Hindu
Vithu A wise and intelligent man Boy Hindu
Leakena Characteristic and quality Girl Hindu
Sophaep Intelligence or wisdom Boy Hindu
Bunroeun Country Boy Hindu
Leap Good fortune, success Boy Hindu
Sokhom Sokhom is a variant of sokhem and means hope Boy Hindu
Kolab A pretty rose flower Girl Hindu
Vireakboth A brave and noble son Boy Hindu
Chhorvin A glamorous woman Girl Hindu
Munny A smart man Boy Hindu
Chivy Life Girl Hindu
Narith Manly or masculine Boy Hindu
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