Celtic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Allon Strong; An oak; Celtic - little rock, harmony, peace; Hebrew - oak; A variant of name alan; Gothic - noble and ready Boy Judaism
Evelina The action of breathing or living life; Light Girl Christianity
Connal Constant; High, mighty, respectful, ferocious, respected by all Boy Christianity
Brittnee Originally the ancient duchy of bretagne in france celtic bretons emigrated from france to become the bretons of england; She who belongs to britain Girl Christianity
Kyler A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church; The name means shelter Boy -
Laigh Laigh means healer Boy -
Rosina Little rose; Woman who is like a little rose Girl -
Avalbane A beautiful white orchard; Filled with flowers; White orchard Girl -
Selia The moon; Blind Girl -
Niall Champion; Victor, overcomer, defeater, titleholder Boy Judaism
Kadee Rhyming; Old greek - pure; Celtic - first; Rhyming variant of katy or cady; A variant spelling is kady; Rhythmic flow of sounds Girl Greek
Kyley Feminine of kyle; Kyley means she who has won Girl -
Rianna Celtic - descendant of rian; Virtuous; Sweet basil; Welsh - great queen; A derivative of the name rhianna Girl Christianity
Owin A young and fearless fighter; Young fighter Boy Judaism
Cole From the name nicholas; The victory or rejoice of the people; Prince of red roses; Derives from nicholas; Having coal-black hair; Having dark features; From the dark town: abbreviation of nicholas people's victory.; People's victory.; A swarthy woman Boy Christianity
Berget Form of bridget; Exalted one; Celtic - powerful, strong Girl -
Kelwin The name means from the small river; From the narrow river Boy -
Kaila Hebrew - crowned with laurel; Celtic - descendant of caollaidhe; Variant of kay keeper of the keys: pure also kayla is a character on daytime tv days of our lives Girl Judaism
Glenden Glenden means from the dark glen, from the dark valley Boy Christianity
Elgine They are noble and white; Noble: white Boy Christianity
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