Celtic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Boudibiua Victory; A person who is born to win Girl Christianity
Brei Never gives up; Strong person; Strength and power girl Christianity
Karstyn The name means mossy place Girl -
Jenevieve A woman runner or competitor; Modern phonetic variant of genevieve Girl Christianity
Allyn Handsome; Noble; English - fair; Celtic - little rock, harmony peace; A variant of name alan; Bright Boy Christianity
Brina Defender; He who is a defender of people Girl Christianity
Arlana Pledge; Oath; Freeman; An oath; Eagle; Variant of carlene and charlene; A diminutive of arlene; Virgin; Greek - maiden; Germanic - man Girl -
Briannon She ascends feminine of brian; She is on her way up Girl Christianity
Arthek An old cornish name derived from the celtic word arto, which means bear Boy Christianity
Kilroy Kilroy means son of the red haired youth Boy -
Dwayne Dark or black; A melodious song; Dark Boy Christianity
Anant From the stream; Immortal; Eternal; Infinite; One with no end Boy Hindu
Glendyn The name glendyn means valley and is a celtic name; Valley Boy Christianity
Cunotamus Name of the son of cunotamus Boy Christianity
Arlene One who is like the oath of god; Pledge; Variant of carlene and charlene; Oath Girl -
Sonnagh A mound or rampart; One who is like the rampart's mound Unisex Christianity
Kady Rhyming; Celtic - first; Old greek - pure; Variant of cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds; Rhythmic flow of sounds; A variant spelling is kadie Girl Greek
Fenella One with fair, white shoulders; Of the white shoulders Girl Christianity
Kevan Kevan means he is a gentle child; Handsome child variant of kevin Boy Judaism
Tenille She who brings light Girl Christianity
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