Chinese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Binyamin Ploughman Boy Christianity
Taio A great or distinguished person Boy Christianity
Chung The person who is wise and has deep understanding in various matters; Common Boy Christianity
Liling Chinesee name , combination ow white jasmine and to tinkle Girl Judaism
Guang Light; Light, guang will be the light for the other ones to guide and show the path Boy Christianity
Benyamin Son of the right hand; Jacob's youngest son Boy Christianity
Kaili Name of a deity; Kaili is the name of hawaiian deity, also means beautiful and victorious in chenese Unisex Christianity
Liang Good; A light of lighr; A feeling of elevation Unisex Judaism
Ling A chime of the spirits, a soul; Tinkling of pieces of jade Unisex Judaism
Jiei Jiei is the variation of name jie which means a prominent and succefull person Boy Christianity
Lam A vietnamese name that means forest; Jungle or dense forest (of chinese origin) Boy Judaism
Cong Clever"; One who has lots of wisdom and excels in every aspect; Intelligent; Unisexual name meaning "intelligent Unisex Christianity
Huan Fortunate, happy, pleased; Happiness Girl Christianity
Mei Plum; A beautiful girl, the gracious one. also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit "the plum" Girl Judaism
Qiao Handsome; Pretty, handsome person; Pretty Unisex -
Horacio Timekeeper Boy Christianity
Caihong A rainbow in the sky Girl Buddhism
Marrim Latin - star of the sea; Chinese tribe; Beloved of amun; A variant of miriam Girl Judaism
Long Dragon; A mythical creature, dragon Boy Judaism
Bambang The name means a knight or a soldier Boy -
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