Chinese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hou One who is a lord, a nobleman Boy Christianity
Meiling Chinesee - beautiful and delicate; A variant spelling is mayling Girl -
Hien Nice; Quiet (can be either girl or boy name; Gentle; But more common for girl); Quiet; Persevering Girl -
Huang Bright yellow; Yellow Boy Christianity
Lim Chinesee name meaning forest Boy Judaism
Nuwa Mother goddess; The founder and the creator of the whole universe Girl Judaism
Fen Sweet smelling; Fragrant; One who marshes Boy Christianity
Peng Name of a grandson of a king zhuan xu Boy Judaism
Lien Lotus; One who posesses the bauty and pureness of a lotus flower Girl Judaism
Liu Chinesee word for flowing; Flowing Girl Judaism
Rong Elegant; A person who brings honor and prosper; Lotus; Beautiful Unisex -
Taio A great or distinguished person Boy Christianity
Bambang The name means a knight or a soldier Boy -
Fa Chinesee name meaning a new beginning Boy Buddhism
Jonah It means dove people with this name get fame and wealth they are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude; Dove in the bible jonah was on board a ship god caused to sink: sailors traditionally use the name jonah to personify someone Boy Sikh
Chu Hua chrysanthemum; A precious jewel used worldwide; Pearl Girl Christianity
Liang Good; A light of lighr; A feeling of elevation Unisex Judaism
Berndt Brave like a bear Boy Christianity
Li ming One who is pretty and brigth Girl Judaism
Shuang To be clear and bright; Bright; Clear; Openhearted Unisex -
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