Chitra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ramzey Ram's island Boy -
Ravindra Brilliant; Sun; Raadiant and bright sun; The strength of the sun Boy Hindu
Ratno A jewel-like person; Gem Unisex -
Poshan Servant of the god or lamb of the god; One who serves the god Boy -
Ranadhira He who has patience in battle; Patient in battle Boy -
Rasaraj One who loves to dance; Mercury Boy -
Ramkrishna Lord rama; Krishna; A name that is a combined form of lord rama and lord krishna Boy Hindu
Ritisha The goddess of truth; Goddess of truth Girl Hindu
Raaheel To go on a journey; Variant of rahil: rachel Unisex -
Rigg One who lives near the rigde or a hill; Lives near the ridge Boy -
Rasiq Elegant man; God of allah name Boy -
Rith Strength and courage; Somebody who gives shelter; Persevering enemy Boy Hindu
Rawling Son of rawley or raleigh; An advice of the wolf. mainly used as a surname Boy -
Rahil Innocent; Russian form of rachel: lamb.; One who departs on a journey; Rachel.; Traveller Boy -
Polita Intelligent; An intelligent, smart girl Girl -
Penly From the enclosed meadow; Belonging to the meadow Boy Judaism
Poya The one who is constantly searching for something; Fortune Boy -
Raqeeb One who competes; Competitor; Rival Boy -
Rafer A pet form of rafferty; Wealthy; Irish gaelic - rich and prosperous Boy -
Rajul Brilliant; Wise; Intelligent and bright ruler Girl Hindu
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