Chitra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Raghuvir Lord rama Boy -
Rajatanabhi Lord vishnu; Very rich; He who is ver y rich Boy -
Ritch A ruler with great and mighty power; Old leader Boy -
Pocahontas Brave; A playful woman; Playful; The frisky one Girl -
Pesha One who is born at easter; Born at easter Girl Judaism
Ridley English habitational surname from the name reed which means wood clearing; From the red meadow Boy -
Rasikha Well-established; Well-found; A connoisseur Girl -
Rafay The exaulter; To elevate rank Boy -
Rishu One who rises above others with her honesty; An explorer; Wise; Believer; Great; Powerful Girl -
Rick Abbreviation of richard powerful: strong ruler; One who is a strict ruler Boy -
Riya Graceful; Singer; A female singer of great grace; Flower Girl -
Petronela Rock; Petronela is the romanian version of petronilla and means rock Girl Christianity
Rajkanya A princess; Princess Girl -
Perumaan One who is the born great king; Great king; Wonderful king Boy Judaism
Ratnajyoti The light that shines from the gem stone; Lustrous jewel Girl -
Ramzeela Flower in heaven; A flower in heaven Girl -
Raedleah One from the red meadow; From the red meadow Boy -
Radhe shyam Lord krishna and goddess radha; Name of lord krishna Boy -
Rasna The tongue; Tongue; Speech; Ray Girl Hindu
Rahul Capable; Son of gautam buddha; Capable bond; Conqueror of all miseries; Son of lord buddha; Traveler Boy -
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