Christianity Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
So Young Eternal, beautiful and prosperity Girl Christianity
Giedda Giedda is a male name of british origin the name comes from the word cwyld which refers to a pleague that strikes domestic animals Boy Christianity
Hridaynath Beloved; Lord of the heart Boy Christianity
Heorulf An army of wolves Boy Christianity
Earla Feminine of earl; Noblewoman; Leader; It means a noble warrior Girl Christianity
Hai Alive, the living (islam) ocean, sea; Old name for "shoe" or "fairy shoe" Girl Christianity
Philon Derived from the words 'philein' which means to love; Old greek - beloved; Loved one; Dear most Boy Christianity,Greek
Estefan A spanish word which means someone who is crowned in victory; Crowned in victory Boy Christianity
Kolli Dark; One who is bald Boy Christianity
Dunja They are sweet like a fruit Girl Christianity
Britani A little one who is from britain; Originally the ancient duchy of bretagne in france celtic bretons emigrated from france to become the bretons of england Girl Christianity
Draen One who is clever Boy Christianity
Farrley Meadow of the sheep; From the bull meadow; A person from the sheep meadow Boy Christianity
Stedeman Owns a farm; One who dwells at the farm Boy Christianity
Beceere Lives by the beech tree Boy Christianity
Barba Estonian variant of barbara, meaning stranger Girl Christianity,Greek
Jeanice Variant of john; Yahweh is full of mercy Girl Christianity
Starli One who is like a star Girl Christianity
Davanee A merciful, gentle and the name of puritans Girl Christianity
Elsje Noble; Righteous or noble Girl Christianity
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