Christianity Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aigssiarssuk Little ptarmigan chick Girl Christianity
Deo Godlike; A god-like powerful figure Boy Christianity
Earle It means chief or nobleman; Chief Boy Christianity
Tihalt Prince of the people; A brave prince of the people Boy Christianity
Gustavs Staff of the geats or goths or gods Boy Christianity
Hadya Guide to righteousness, gift, well-behaved; Well-behaved Girl Christianity
Gurveen Gurus grace; A godly person, who's general god-like beauty and intelligence is more than the average individual Boy Christianity
Hanzalah Pond water channel, pond water canal; This was the name of ibn abu Boy Christianity
Christabella Beautiful christian; A christ follower Girl Christianity
Dimitroula Greek goddess of harvest; Corn land Girl Christianity
Tananda One who has the power to rule and control Girl Christianity
Duska A variant of dusanka, meaning soul or sprit Girl Christianity
Ayotomiwa Wealth has returned Boy Christianity
Hellawes Blush, go red, redden Girl Christianity
Jonty They are a bit introvert in nature but live their life very well they have the fun side and do the little things to enjoy every moment; God has given Girl Christianity
Anyango Af of kenya name meaning "friend."; One who was born during mid day Girl Christianity
Greeshmita Greeshmita is a feminine, girl's name of hindi origin the meaning of the name is heat greeshmita is a name mostly used in hindu religion; Heat Girl Christianity
Jeramee Honour or esteem of the lord Girl Christianity
Walta Shield Girl Christianity
Jesca Frisian form of jessica, meaning he (god) beholds Girl Christianity
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