Croatian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Vatroslava Fire or flame Girl Christianity
Draen One who is clever Boy Christianity
Dmitar The one who loves the earth Boy Christianity
Antonela Croatian form of antonella, meaning worthy of praise Girl Christianity
Sonora Loud; Pleasant sounding Girl Christianity
Velimir Great peace Boy Christianity
Dragutin One who is dear and precious Boy Christianity
Duko Duko is derived from doede, meaning a famous wolf Boy Christianity
Vlasta Spear or stalk; Myth name Girl Christianity
Ljuba A slavic word that means love Girl Judaism
Mirta An evergreen shrub or a small tree Girl Judaism
Snjezana The snow woman Girl Christianity
Borislav Battle glory Boy Christianity
Davorin A mythological name, meaning god of war Boy Christianity
Basia The foreigner or stranger; Foreign woman Girl Christianity
Slatka Sweet or sweetly flavored Girl Christianity
Drevan Dear and beloved one Boy Christianity
Tvrtko Hard Boy Christianity
Krasna A beautiful woman; Beautiful Girl Christianity
Vita Luya of kenya name meaning "war."; Feminine form of vitus, meaning life Girl Christianity
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