Croatian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sanela Healthy Girl Christianity
Zorica Dawn Girl Christianity
Ljubo Peace and love Boy Christianity
Veselka One who's always happy and cheerful Girl Christianity
Vatroslava Fire or flame Girl Christianity
Krasna A beautiful woman; Beautiful Girl Christianity
Biljana The name biljana comes from the serbian and croatian origin the name comes from the word "bilje" meaning plant Girl Hindu
Vladimira Female of vladimir, meaning rule Girl Christianity
Roko Croatian form of rocco, meaning rest Boy Christianity
Zlatica Gold Girl Christianity
Davorin A mythological name, meaning god of war Boy Christianity
Stjepana Female of stephan, meaning crown Girl Christianity
Vedran Clear and cheerful Boy Christianity
Zelimir One who desires peace; Wishes for peace Boy Christianity
Branimira Feminine form of branimir, meaning peaceful world Girl Christianity
Drevan Dear and beloved one Boy Christianity
Marija A woman of the sea of sorrowness; Bitter Girl Judaism
Blago A gentle, mild and blessed boy Boy Christianity
Jaka A very strong woman Girl Christianity
Sarlota Croatian variant of caroline, meaning strong Girl Christianity
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