Dhanistha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gursan Agree in anything Boy -
Gurnivaas The one who is building his life like his guru; One whose abode is guru Boy Christianity
Gamaliel Gift from god; Camel of god; Recompense of god Boy Judaism
Gul Bano Princess of flowers; Gul bano is the name of the princess of flowers Girl Islam
Gatra Body; Refers to human body or physical appearance; Corporeal Boy Hindu
Gurpratap A companion of the guru; Friend of the guru; One who relates well with the guru Boy -
Gira The name gira means lenguage; Language Girl Hindu
Gulru They are soft like a flower and give good smell to othersthey are very soft, kind and sensitive; Rosy-faced Boy -
Gurujeet Winner of guru by his knowledge; They are very expressive, charming and idealthey are example of hard working and guide others very clevrly; Lord shiva Boy Christianity
Gurjot Guru light; Gurjot collaborated with two words guru and jog guru means master or lord and jog means union so gurjot means light of the lord Boy Christianity
Guadalupe Guadalupe truly respected in society as a defender of the individuals; Named for the virgin mary Girl Christianity
Gauravpreet Kind or affection of exaltation; Love for glory Boy Hindu
Garmond Spear protector; The one who defends with a spear Boy Christianity
Gerome Holy name; A form of jerome; Sacred name Boy Christianity
Gandhik Khushboo; Fragrance; Good smell; Fragant Boy -
Gurudeep Lamp of the guru; Luminance and radiance of the guru Boy -
Gianrang The meaning of the name is imbedued with divine knoledge gianrang is an indian male name represented in sikh religion; Imbued with divine knowledge Boy Sikh
Gangaadhara The wearer of ganga; One of many names of lord shiva as the origin of ganges; Lord of river ganges Boy -
Gamada The one who is cheerful and happy; Glad; Pleased Girl Christianity
Gursurat They are very religious and obidient to their guru.they are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religion; Remaining aware of guru Boy Christianity
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