Dhanistha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Guransh A part of teacher; Talented, had god gifted mind, rare persons, quit intelligent Boy Christianity
Gillot A variant of jill; Which is believed to have been the origin of the term 'to jilt'; Used when a person unexpectedly rejects a lover or fianct; The name gillot is an english female name it means the one who unexpectadly rejcets a lover Girl Christianity
Gaurava Respect; Honour; Pride Boy -
Ganya Garden of the lord Girl Christianity
Gursurat They are very religious and obidient to their guru.they are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religion; Remaining aware of guru Boy Christianity
Genno Respond to the mystery; Esoteric dharma; Glorious king; A bhuddist name for glorious Boy -
Gurvaid This is the name of success and cooperation it is a very fortunate name, which will give you an unfair share of advantage against competition; Divine knowledge Boy Christianity
Gargee Person who inspires to think; Great philosopher; One who obtained brahamvidya; The person who inspires to think; Name of daughter of vacknu; An ancient scholar Girl -
Geo The one who created this earth and other planets; Earth Boy Christianity
Garren It means similar to garry; Guards: guardian Boy Christianity
Galav Name of a sage; To worship Boy -
Garib Poor; In a very pathetic situation Girl Hindu
Galt From the high ground; The land full of timber Boy Christianity
Gagansindhu Ocean of the heaven; Ocean of the sky Boy -
Garonman House of heavenly song Boy -
Gunjika Reflection; Music; Melodious; Humming; Buzzing; Meditation Unisex -
Gabrio God is my strength; God is my strength and shield Boy Christianity
Gadabhrt One who manipulates a club; One who wields a mace Boy Hindu
Gurutmat Garuda; Opinion or thinking of the gurus; A variant spelling is gurumat Boy -
Gurdeesh Gurus sight; Lamp of the leader of punjabi's, guru; Lord guru Boy Christianity
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