Dhanu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Becka African bobangi - to forecast; Borrow; Predict; A variant of becky; Derived from rebecca; Bound; Derives from rebecca Girl -
Frida Peace; Beautiful Girl Christianity
Fadil Generous; A man who gives generously to others Boy Islam
Bishanjot Light of the supreme god Boy Sikh
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body; A gorgeous and tender body f a woman Girl Islam
Fabiano A man who grows beans; Bean farmer Boy Christianity
Balinderjit Lord krishna; One of many names of lord krishna signifying his young age victory over lord indra Girl -
Birinderdeep Lord's lamp; Lords lamp Boy Sikh
Faraj Relief; A cure for a problem Boy -
Bakula Flower; One who says lies; Nagakeshar flower Boy -
Bevan Young soldier; Beavan and beaven are variant names of bevan; Son of evan Boy -
Bratislav Glory of the brother; Glorious brother Boy Christianity
Betsy Diminutive of elizabeth; Consecrated to god Girl Christianity
Berniss The one who brings victory; One who brings victory variant of berenice Girl Christianity
Breckin Freckled; Spotted face; Freckled face Boy Christianity
Basaam Smiling; Variant of basam: smiling Boy Islam
Bari Of allah; Skillful Boy Islam
Balin The name is an arthurian legend baby name. it means 'brother of balaan.'; Knights of the round table; Mighty warrior.; Brother of balaan; The monkey king who can weaken enemies with a wish; Soldier. also; In hindu mythology Boy Christianity
Breck Freckled; Person having a spotted skin or a freckled skin Boy Christianity
Baibhav Richness; Prosperity; Wealthy Boy -
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