Dhanu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Frey Lord Boy Christianity
Fearghus To have great man-strenght; Manly Boy Christianity
Brosh One with pretty lips; Lips Boy -
Brahma Absolute; In sanskrit, it means "prayer". it is also the name of a hindu god, also known as the "creator"; Born to the highest caste Boy Hindu
Bashvith A flower Boy Hindu
Barse Fresh-water perch Boy Christianity
Barrton Barley settlement; Place name Boy Christianity
Braegd High; Tall, elevated, high and lofty Boy Christianity
Bilqis Name of the queen of sheba; She was the daughter of ahmad bin mishqar; The queen of sheba Girl -
Balraj Powerful; Strong king; Older brother of lord shri krishna; Mighty; A name of lord balaram who is splendid and powerful; King Boy -
Birdena Contemporary name meaning little bird; Bird like Girl Christianity
Bridgit Derived from bridget; A woman who is moving up in life Girl Christianity
Bodashka God's gift Boy Christianity
Banaj Lotus; Blooming lotus; A name of lord krishna; Banbihari name of lord krishna is derived from banaj meaning lotus Boy -
Becki Abbreviation of rebecca; Bound; Captivating Girl Christianity
Birva Leaf Girl Sikh
Benon Industrious; Variant of bert - industrious Boy Christianity
Birch Bright: shining: the birch tree; Birch tree Boy Christianity
Bisa Greatly loved Girl Christianity
Buhayyah The name of a freed female slave; Name of a freed female slave Girl Islam
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