Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Asim Limitless; Variant of aasim: protector guardian; One who is protector and the guardian; Protector; Defender Boy -
Mosiah Egyptian - born of; A variant of moses; Drawn out; Child; Drawn out of the water Boy -
Maye Amun's beloved one Girl -
Ozymandias A name given to the king of kings Boy Judaism
Hanbal Purity, pristine, perfect; Purity Boy Christianity
Lateefah Variant of latifah: gentle kind pleasant friendly; Pleasant and kind person of tender character Girl -
Thabit Strong; Firm Boy Islam
Fukayna Wise or clever in mind; Intelligent Girl -
Bankole Build a home for me; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Khentimentiu Mythical god of tbe dead's destiny; Mythical god of the dead's destiny Boy -
Hager Flight or stranger; Variant of biblical name hagar Boy -
Menefer Beautiful city; Egyptian - of the beautiful city; Established and beautiful Boy -
Neith Standing high above others; Divine mother Girl Judaism
Khnurn Mythical reborn sun Boy -
Ati Extreme; Too much; Egyptian - father; Hindi - too much Boy Hindu
Bomani Warrior; African swahili - great warrior Boy -
Haqikah Honest; Honesty, truthfulness, honest Unisex Christianity
Neferteri The gorgeous one, prettiest Girl Judaism
Sahirah Clean; Pristine; One who is awake Girl -
Ngozi Blessed; Dedication, benediction, dedication, consecration Unisex Judaism
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