Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sagira A pettite woman; Little one Girl -
Cirocco A warm wind from egypt; Ancient egyptian wind; The wind from ancient egypt Boy Christianity
Fukayna Wise or clever in mind; Intelligent Girl -
Hanbal Purity, pristine, perfect; Purity Boy Christianity
Moswen The light skin toned person; White Unisex Judaism
Shani Swahili name meaning "marvelous."; A wonderful woman Girl -
Amun Myth name (god of mystery); Variant of amon; They are lord of the mysterious Boy -
Mert Lover of silence; Mert comes from the persian word mard and means manly or man Boy Islam
Tumaini Hope Boy Christianity
Hanif True believer orthodox; True, devoted, good; Believes Boy Christianity
Kissa Kissa means sister of twins; Baganda of uganda unisexual name meaning "born after twins." Girl -
Jendayi Thankful; To give thanks Girl Islam
Finnehas The oracle; As per bible, the son of eli; Dark-skinned( egyptian) Girl -
Talibah Seeker after knowledge; Seeks knowledge Girl Islam
Khnurn Mythical reborn sun Boy -
Ziyad Enlarging; Superabundance; One who betters himself; Growth; He shall add.; Abundance; Extra. more. increase. super abundance. Boy Islam
Aswad Means black; Islamic name (black stone) in moka; Arabic and egyptian name; Black Boy Islam
Eshaq A prophet name; Arabic of isac; Prophet's name Boy Islam
Nizam An arrangement or an order of something; Disciplined Boy -
Bakari Noble oath; A promising and lovely human being Boy -
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