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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chazz A man; Manly; Farmer Boy Christianity
Alluryn Alluryn based on the word alluring means mesmerizing or attractive Girl -
Farida One with no match; Unique; Turquoise Girl Islam
Leofgifu Gift of the loved ones Boy Judaism
Trumwin A spontaneous individual who enjoys life Boy Christianity
Jonn Such people are elegant and value their relations they go in the profession of handcrafts or mechanic they do dream big; Variant of john or abbreviation of jonathan jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor Unisex -
Stanwik One who is from the stony village; From the stony village Boy Christianity
Lovelyn A loved and cherised one Girl Judaism
Joelle French; Hebrew - jehovah is god; Jehovah is god feminine of joel; Jehovah is god; Joelle is god will be willing; God is willing Girl Judaism
Brand Proud; One who is marked or enlightened by fire Boy Christianity
Concenn One who is concentrated Boy Christianity
Carlus One who comes from the tower of fre men Boy Christianity
London A place name after the city london, england; Fortress of the moon Unisex Judaism
Saegifu One who has dynamic and strong nature Girl -
Cuthwin Embodiment of purity Boy Christianity
Mckinsley English modern girl name Girl -
Kambria Spelling variant of cambria referring to wales; Kambrian means wales Girl Hindu
Alex Protector of mankind; Abbreviation of alexander defender of man Girl -
Kreshaun The name means the god is merciful; God is merciful Boy Judaism
Ripleigh Shouting mans meadow; To shout the man's meadow Boy -
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