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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Canzada A settlement; Pure, nonchalant and generous Girl Christianity
Ceolred Pure joy, love and experiences bliss Boy Christianity
Heahthryth Strength, force Girl Hindu
Lawrence He who came from the ancient italian laurentum; A modern english form of laurence and the preferred form in america Boy Judaism
Rosamund Germanic - horse protector; Rose of the world; Noted protector; Pure rose; A variant form of name rose Girl Christianity
Katya Pure; Ure; Katya name means pure adn unsullied Girl Christianity
Faegan Joyful; A joyful person Boy Christianity
Audrielle A variant of name audrey; Germanic - noble strength; Nobility: strength; Nobility and strength; Nobility Girl -
Jaruman A bishop of mercia Boy Hindu
Milbourn Mill stream; Border; From the mill stream; A variant form of melbourne Boy -
Brochmail A male name from the arthurian era Boy Christianity
Aliceson Son of all Boy -
Paeccel An idealistic and independent individual Boy Judaism
Oukouaka A trusted individual who has capabilities Boy Judaism
Sujey One who brings charm and hope Girl Christianity
Cathrina She is a dame of innocence and purity Girl Christianity
Rikilde She who is strong and powerful in battle Girl -
Kathey Form of catherine; Pure; Torture; Old greek - pure Girl Greek
Christany One who is a follower of christianityity religion Girl Christianity
Banjamen Right-hand son; Similar to benedict; Variant of benjamin: right-hand son also a variant of benedict Boy Judaism
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