Estonian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lagle Goose Girl Christianity
Kaleva Name of a hero in estonian mythology it means the land of kalevi Boy Christianity
Nikula Nikula is a variant of nikulas and means victory of the people Boy Christianity,Greek
Vitsent To conquer Boy Christianity
Priidik Estonian form of frederick it means peaceful ruler Boy Christianity
Anastassia Estonian form of anastasia it means resurrection; Resurrection Girl Christianity
Taavet Estonian form of david it means beloved; Dearly loved Boy Christianity
Taniel A form of daniel, meaning god is my judge; Fem. a form of daniel Boy Christianity
Barba Estonian variant of barbara, meaning stranger Girl Christianity,Greek
Vicenc To win Boy Christianity
Tuudur Gift of god Boy Christianity,Greek
Markko From mars Boy Christianity
Andrus Warrior; Virility; A variant of name andrew; Manly; Old greek - male; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Joosep Finnish form of joseph (he adds); Estonian form of joseph it means he will add Boy Christianity
Taevas Sky Boy Christianity
Endrik Estonian form of hendrik it means ruler of the home Boy Christianity
Hele Hele is a form of helen and means light; Shining Girl Christianity,Greek
Elsbet Estonian form of elizabeth it means one who is pledged to god Girl Christianity
Leelo Folk song Girl Christianity
Aemilie Estonian form of emily it means work Girl Christianity
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