Estonian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pinja Pine; Finnish - stone pine; Estonian pine Girl Christianity
Rikkart Brave ruler Boy Christianity
Leks Short form of leksik it means defender of men Boy Christianity
Juuli Estonian form of julie and means youthfulness Girl Christianity
Jaagup Estonian form of jacob, meaning supplanter; Supplanter Boy Christianity
Aabraham Estonian spelling for abraham it means father of many Boy Christianity
Liili Liili means lily flower Girl Christianity
Juhkam Established by god Boy Christianity
Mihkel Estonian form of michael, meaning who is like god? Boy Christianity
Barba Estonian variant of barbara, meaning stranger Girl Christianity,Greek
Astrella A form of esther, meaning star Girl Christianity
Maarja Estonian form of maria it means sea of bitterness Girl Christianity
Taniel A form of daniel, meaning god is my judge; Fem. a form of daniel Boy Christianity
Katye Katye is an estonian form of kate and means pure Girl Christianity,Greek
Hillar Cheerfull; Pleased, blissfull Boy Christianity
Toomas A child of the twin Boy Christianity
Kalju Rock or boulder Boy Christianity
Jaak One who holds the heel; Supplanter Boy Christianity
Riina Riina is the short form of katariina it means pure Girl Christianity,Greek
Roosi Estonian form of rosie it means rose flower Girl Christianity
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