Finnish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tanel God is my judge Boy Christianity
Kimmo One who is raised by god Boy Judaism
Emese This name means mother Girl Christianity
Raila One who is alert or spirited Girl -
Pilvi ; Finnish - cloud Girl Christianity
Eelin They are the warrior of intelligence Girl Christianity
Tippa A drop or a drop of any liquid Girl -
Niky Victory of the people; Who can be equal to god Boy Judaism
Liisa Consecrated to god; I find my god in an oath Girl Judaism
Linne Waterfall; A person named after the twinflower Boy Judaism
Piritta Strong and protective; Celtic - exalted one; Old norse - to help; A variant of birgit Girl Christianity
Armas Beloved; Finnish - dear Boy Christianity
Heimo A finnish word for tribe Boy Christianity
Laila Born at night; Light; Laila means night; A beauty of the night; Nightfall; Born at nightfall; Night; Variant of layla: night born at night sweetheart; Born at night variant of leila Girl -
Maarit Finish version of mary; A variation of the name margaret; Old greek - pearl Girl Greek
Niina Exhibiting courtesy and politeness Girl Judaism
Lari Variant of lara: protection; A person with superior reputation and luerel Boy Judaism
Sovia One with great wisdom and skills Girl Christianity
Linnea Name of a flower; A girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower Girl Judaism
Merja The holy mother mary, virgin mary Girl Judaism
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