Finnish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tuuli The mighty or strong people; Wind Unisex Christianity
Enny Feminised finnish word for edge of a sword Girl Christianity
Teija Finnish short from dorotea, god's gift Girl Christianity
Joosep Finnish form of joseph (he adds); Estonian form of joseph it means he will add Boy Christianity
Osmo A young and energetic name Boy Judaism
Maki Surname meaning "hill"; Finnish meaning is hill, while in japanese maki means true Unisex Judaism
Emese This name means mother Girl Christianity
Helmy A gem of the sea Girl Christianity
Reino A wise ruler of men Boy -
Nooa The lady of the sun Boy Judaism
Eelis A saying which means my god is yahweh Boy Christianity
Majlis A noble person who is born i may Girl Judaism
Reijo An alert and always watchful person Boy -
Ossian Fawn; A trusted and happy individual Boy Judaism
Kal The name kal means the strong one; Strong Boy Sikh
Sini Fair-complexioned; Blue; A poetic name for the color blue Girl Christianity
Meri Mirthful: joyous also an abbreviation of meredith; The marine, deep ocean Girl Judaism
Martti Like mars; Dedicated to mars; War like Boy -
Piritta Strong and protective; Celtic - exalted one; Old norse - to help; A variant of birgit Girl Christianity
Hermo Army staff Boy Sikh
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