French Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Alyssa Form of alice; Sweet angel; Rational; Meaning woman of the nobility; Good humor; Truthful; Of noble birth; Variant of alice; Mother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanity; Having high moral character Girl -
Lance God-like; Servant; Lancer Boy Judaism
Piera A small stone or a piece of rock; Small rock Girl Judaism
Travers From the crossroads; The passing trough something Boy Christianity
Jehanne God has shown his tender mercy upon me Girl Hindu
Millard Strong; A guardian or a care-taker of mill Boy Judaism
Laciann Derived from lacey which is a french nobleman's surname brought to british isles after norman conquest; Laciann means the famous ruler Boy Judaism
Dennes One who is nourishing individual; Variant of dennis: follower of dionysius Boy Christianity
Amaud Eagle ruler; The one who has the power of an eagle Boy -
Channtelle Melody; A song Girl Christianity
Monique Hermit; To warn; Monk; A variant of name monica; Variant of mona madonna. wise; To advise; Only; Old greek - single Girl Christianity,Greek
Aamber A precious jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color Girl Christianity
Brie From no. region of france; A place name where they produce cheese in france Girl Christianity
Ricard A ruler known for his might and strenght; Powerful: strong ruler Boy -
Somervile From the summer estate; One who is from the summer estate Boy Christianity
Cabott A man who is a sailor Boy Christianity
Deanne Variant of diana meaning divine; They are swift and beautiful Girl Christianity
Fabianne A weoman who grows beans; Feminine variant of fabian from the roman family name fabius Girl Christianity
Balthazar The name is a version of baltasar; One of the three wise men a bottle of wine that has the equivalant of 12 bottles total Boy -
Amiee Derived from amye which means beautiful and lovable; Beloved Girl -
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