French Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Astin A strong leader who is trustworthy; Starlike Boy -
Nirvikara Child was delivered on christmas period; Unchanging Boy Judaism
Perkins Son of perkin; One who is the son of perkin Boy Judaism
Rennie One who will rise again; To rise again Boy -
Eglentina Botanical name of flower; Wild rose Girl Christianity
Alfric Elf king; A variant of name aelfric Boy Christianity
Jon Variant of john or abbreviation of jonathan jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. sometimes used in the french fashion hyphenated with a second name like jon-carlo or jon-paul; It means god is gracious they are generous and love to help people Boy Sikh
Brucey Diminutive of bruce: thick brush. surname since medieval times; One who comes from the brushwood thicket; Now a common given name. folklore tale of 14th century robert king of scotland: Girl Christianity
Chanceller The one having good luck Boy Christianity
Hughette Little hugh; Bright in mind and spirit girl Christianity
Felicity A woman with good luck and fortune; Great happiness Girl Christianity
Damien One who tames others; Untamed Boy Christianity
Genn The one who is spiritually open minded; Saviour Girl Christianity
Eleonore Shining light variant of helen; A shining bright ray of light Girl Christianity
Odila The right path that a person should follow. also the name of lord vishnu; Elfin spear Girl Judaism
Acelin A noble girl or a girl who born in high status home; Noble Girl Christianity
Gusztav Majestic; Gusztav means the royal staff or the servants of king, Boy Christianity
Naevia The person is full of life and spirit Girl Judaism
Bente Blessed; Form of benedict Girl Christianity
Stephanie She who to whom the crown belongs; Crowned in victory Girl Christianity
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