Gaelic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Matherson The some of the one who is like a bear; Son of mather Boy -
Onora Honor; The person who deserves the integrity Girl Judaism
Emeria It means someone who is from the north with great beauty and honour Girl Christianity
Mackenna Son of kenneth; Celtic - son of cionaodh; Gaelic - son of coinneach; Child of the handsome one Girl -
Kathie Pure; Virginal; Kathie means pure, unadulterated Girl Sikh
Torian The chief, or the head, leader Boy Christianity
Firas Highly insightful and astute; Perspicacity; A lion Unisex -
Darce Dark; The dark one Boy Christianity
Kehyrdius The name means being slender Boy -
Chaeli Who is like god?; Resembles god Girl Christianity
Ardara Fort on the hill; A fort on the hill Girl -
Lakyle Half wood; Name has irish origins and means half-wood Boy Judaism
Darran Variant of darren: great; A great and superior individual Boy Christianity
Clell Descendant of the wolf family Boy Christianity
Giles Giles is a male name and means young goat it has greek origins; Servant. famous; An english variant of the latin name aegidius; Kind.; Baby goat; Meaning kid or goatskin. famous bearer: the sixth century hermit st giles was patron saint of cripples a Boy Christianity
Kalen The name kalen means slender man; Variant of kay and kayla keeper of the keys: pure Boy -
Ryan Young royalty; Descendant of rian king; The little ruler; Little king.; Little king; Kingly.; A name for a little king Boy -
Elwynn Fair bow; Noble friend; This name means a wise friend or magical fair white being Boy Christianity
Devan Writer of poetry; Godly; Variant of devin: poet.; Divine.; Divine, divinity or like a god; Servant.; Variant of the english county name devon.; Like a god; Poet; Also thevan Boy Christianity
Roy A man from the north; Red.; Red haired; King; Regal; A redhaired man / a king Boy -
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