Gaelic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Daren Great and powerful; Great Boy Christianity
Gillon Gillon is a male name of gaelic origin means servant of stjohn Boy Christianity
Neelie Feminine of neil champion; Winner, victor, overcomer, beater Girl Judaism
Carlow One who comes from the four-parted lake; Quadruple lake Boy Christianity
Fitzwilliam Son of william; It means "the male offspring of william" Boy Christianity
Tara From the crag of a tower.; A hill where the kings met; Where the kings met also taras halls were the place where ancient bards sang deeds of irish heroes. the ruins of the halls are on the hill of tara meaning crag or tower in gaelic; Star; Goddess o Girl Hindu
Shan Pride prestige; Wise; Mountain; Coral; Old; An old an wise man; Variant of shaun from john Boy -
Fisher One who fishes; Anglicized form of gaelic word, bradain, which means "salmon"; A fish catcher Boy Christianity
Kenna Handsome; Kenna means born from the flames Girl Christianity
Sloan Fighter; One with the nature of a warrior, a fighter in heart Boy Christianity
Blain Variant of blaine: thin; Thin, skinny, slender Boy Christianity
Neal Zealous, adoring, zealous, fervent; Champion form of neil Boy Judaism
Lynna Abbreviation of lynnette who accompanied sir gareth on a knightly quest in arthurian legend: variant of the irish gaelic word lann meaning house: church; A house or a church Girl Judaism
Makaylah Who is like god feminine version of michael; A question "who is like a god?" Girl Judaism
Ronelle Powerful seas; A woman whose advices give power Girl -
Kassidy Clever; Kassidy means she is clever, or she of a curly hair Girl -
Cornell Derived from cornelius; The name of a town in britain Boy Christianity
Triston Tumult; Variant of tristan: bold: melancholy Unisex Christianity
Kendrix Royal chieftain surname; Kendrix means royal leader of the clan Boy Hindu
Naoise A hunter; A beloved person who is a king Boy Judaism
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