German Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mollye A girl with rebellious nature Girl Judaism
Leopoldine The bravery of the people; Of the people Girl Judaism
Hermelinda Avariant of the name herlinda; Soft; Warrior; Friendly; Germanic - army; Gentle; Shield of power Girl -
Rajmund A wise protector; Polish form of raymona 'mighty' Boy -
Caspar A man whou guards the treasure; Royal Boy Islam
Franciskus German form of latin 'franciscus' and means 'a free man' Boy Christianity
Jannes A variant of john; Gift from god; Yahweh is merciful; Hebrew - yahweh is gracious Boy -
Lurline Temptress; A woman who is an enchantness Girl Judaism
Porsha To offer something or to donate; Pig Girl -
Gunilla Battle maid; Battle maiden Girl -
Juliette Soft haired; Such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends they keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal they treasure their relations Girl Judaism
Aby Father of multitude or masses Boy Judaism
Ginette Believed to have protected paris from attila the hun; Variant of genevieve: of the race of women. white wave. famous bearer: saint genevieve is the patron saint of paris; The name ginette means the race of woman Girl Christianity
Talicia One who is honorable and noble Girl Christianity
Edvige Contention and strife Girl Christianity
Hawken A variant of surname hawkins which means house owner Boy -
Albertina Feminine form of albert; Kind; Noble: bright feminine of albert; A variant transcription of alberta; Germanic - nobly famous; Noble Girl -
Huberta Intelligent; Woman with clever mind Girl Christianity
Fur The fire, one who worked with fire Boy -
Riccardo Germanic - powerful ruler; Mighty ruler; Powerful ruler; Strong ruler Boy -
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