Germanic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Adelyn A derivative of adeline; Of a noble kind; Honorable; A variant spelling is adelaide; Germanic - noble; Noble; Exalted nature; Hebrew - ornament Girl -
Joslin Josilin means a member of the gauts tribe; Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name Girl Christianity
Villem Desire; Will; Will-helmet; Protection; Bright; Estonian form of william it means helmet or protection Boy Christianity
Lowena A loud and famous warrior Girl Judaism
Aili Germanic - of a noble kind; Sweet; Bright one; Irish - light Girl -
Gye Or from the wood; Forest, wide wood; The wide one Boy Christianity
Audreana A variant of name audrey; Germanic - noble strength; Nobility: strength; Nobility and strength; Nobility Girl -
Armanda Feminine form of armand or herman. germanic - army man; Feminine of armando Girl -
Licha A honorable person who is noble Girl Judaism
Malte A person protected by the helmet Boy -
Beorhtwynn The joy the light bringd Boy Christianity
Norberta The superwoman from the northern part of the land; Bright heroine Girl Judaism
Rainar Germanic - mighty, counsel; Advice; Slavic - happy; A variant of name raina Boy -
Bertilak The playful dance of the light Boy Christianity
Hann Gift from god Boy Hindu
Arte Germanic - thor, the eagle; Celtic - stone, bear; Diminutive of arthur: bear; Rock; A variant of name arthur Boy Christianity
Lesa Consecreted to god; A place of eternal peace Girl Judaism
Reichard Daring power; Germanic - powerful ruler; Mighty ruler; A variant transcription of richard Boy -
Avianna Modern blend of ava and ana; Bearer of good news; Strength; Desired; Germanic - bird; Hebrew - yahweh is my father Girl -
Normand The one who came from northern cliff; From the north Boy Judaism
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