Germanic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aleksia Old greek - defender; A derivative of alexia; The defender; Honorable; Brightness; Germanic - noble; Hebrew - ornament Girl Greek
Jocelynn Jocelyn means member of a germanic tribe, gauts tribe; Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name Girl Christianity
Mayeer A variant of mayer; Germanic - farmer; Over seer; Bringer of light Boy -
Bertulf To be like a wolf and bear Boy Christianity
Minze Mint; Germanic - mint Boy -
Arlinda Oath; Pledge; Freeman; Virgin; Greek - maiden; Germanic - man; Modern blend of arlene and linda Girl -
Mayer Germanic - farmer; Headman: mayor surname; Great; Over seer; Steward; A variant of magnus Boy -
Adine A variant of adina; Ornament; Tender; Honorable; Delicate; Germanic - noble; Its form of name ada; Hebrew - slender Girl Judaism
Bertschy A variant of germanic name bertwald, meaning bright and famous Boy Christianity
Leoda The one who belongs to the people; Of the people Girl Judaism
Henrik House owner, lord of the manor; Ruler of the home variant of henry Boy Christianity
Kaarel Estonian form of charles it means man Boy Christianity
Jeraldo Variant of gerald; Rules by the spear; Variant of gerald rules by the spear; Germanic - spear ruler Boy Christianity
Rollande Germanic - from the famous land; Renowned; A variant form of name rolanda; Famous land Girl Christianity
Guthild Guthild is a name of english and germanic origins it is a female name and comes from the old germanic word and means woman warrior Girl Christianity
Beornfrith A man who is protective like a bear Boy Christianity
Lewy German name for famous fighter in war; Famous fighter Boy Judaism
Beornoth To be brave like a bear Boy Christianity
Liudolf A famous wolf, from the germanic word hludwolf Boy Judaism
Huboor Happiness Girl Christianity
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