Greek Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Karenna Karenna means the chaste, pure one Girl Christianity
Antero Virility; A variant of name andrew; Manly; Old greek - male; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Jaysen The lord is my redemption; Variant of jason: a healing Boy Christianity
Cyrina A born queen Girl Christianity
Zenaida Born of zeus; The life of zeus Boy Christianity,Greek
Terpsichore She who loves to dance; Myth name (muse of dance and lyric poetry) Girl Christianity
Giorgos Giorgos is a greek name and means farmer Boy Christianity
Basilissa A queen Girl Christianity
Cleantha Praising in the name of flowers; Glory Girl Christianity
Tiffini God and phainein Girl Christianity
Kariann The name means virgin; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Bethzy My god is a vow Girl Christianity
Katriina The name means unsullied, unadulturated Girl Christianity
Acteon One who is living in akte; Myth name (a hunter torn apart by his own dogs) Boy -
Katrina Pure clear; Pure; Variant of katherine pure; Katrina means plain, natural, pure; Swedish form of katherine: pure Girl Christianity
Philippa A lover and friend of horses; Lover of horses variant of masculine philipp Boy Judaism
Belphoebe A combination of belle (meaning "beautiful") and the name phoebe (a common epithet for the goddess diana in latin poetry), this name was first used by edmund spenser in his 16th century work the faerie queene Girl Christianity
Mindry Born with the feelings to other people, an empathic person Girl Judaism
Lynnie A pure torture, a torturous woman Girl Judaism
Keanan Celtic - little ancient one; Greek - man; A variant is keandre; Virility; Brave; Sharp; Manly Boy -
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