Gujarati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Payoda One who gives water; Milk giver; Cloud; The vast sky and cloud Girl Judaism
Yashvasin Lord ganesha; The popular; The popular one. also, a name of lord ganesha Boy Hindu
Advith Unique; Focused; One who is unique, no other like him Boy -
Sachchit A person who is consciouss, but joyful; Lord brahma; Truth; Consciousness Boy -
Hrishikesh One who controls senses; Lord vishnu Boy Christianity
Rajeshwari Goddess parvati; Goddess of a state; One of the many names of goddess parvati; Princess Girl Hindu
Bhavamanyu Derived from the sanskrit word bhava meaning source; Creator of universe Boy -
Yagnitha Worship Girl Hindu
Purvi The first one who comes from the east; From the east Girl -
Mahita Praised; A person who creates greatness Girl Judaism
Jovils No meaning as this is a modern name; A pleasant, restless and experienced being Boy Christianity
Sewin No meaning as this is a modern name; Hindi name for boys Boy -
Nideeshwaram Announcer of fortune things; Giver of wealth and treasures Boy Judaism
Khileshwar The name means he who is supreme; Supreme being Boy Judaism
Dakshata Skill; Skillful one Girl Hindu
Vali Pet form of valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Yoganidra Meditation Boy Hindu
Nimmi Conceived; One who has sparkling eyes and shines; Formed; Created Girl Judaism
Madhukant Moon; One with a sweet honey like voice; A derivative from sanskrit word madhu which means sweet Boy Hindu
Bhargav Lord shiva; Hindu lord shiva Boy Hindu
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