Gujarati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Devain Sacred; Holy; Divine; Religious; Spiritual; Pious Boy -
Janata God is gracious; Gift from god Girl Christianity
Malashree Melody of the erly evening; An early evening melody Girl Judaism
Aaranyan Means forest; Forest; Signifies wild greenery; Jungle; Jungle, forest Boy Hindu
Sahita The lord saibaba message; A river; Being near Girl Hindu
Kanhaiya Lord krishna; Kanhaiya means lord krishna Boy Christianity
Ekadhana A portion of wealth; One who is the portion of wealth Girl Hindu
Sohum The god's presence in every soul. a divine within; Every soul has a presence of god in it; God is within; I am him Boy Hindu
Phalgun Snowy season; One who was born under the star falguni; Name of a hindu month; One of many names of arjuna; . a month in hindu calander; Red, reddish Boy Hindu
Dolly Gift of god; Variant of the greek dorothy meaning gift of god; A blessing Girl Christianity
Kranti Kranti means revolution; Revolution Girl Judaism
Dasharat Father of lord rama (father of lord rama); One who owns ten chariots; Name of a king; Father of lord rama Boy -
Thakarshi Lord krishna Boy Hindu
Ragish The man who sings sweet ragas; Very angry Boy Hindu
Poorva Anscestral; Elder; Earlier one, elder, east; East; Earlier one Girl Hindu
Madur Honey; Sweet; A derivative from sanskrit word madhu which means sweet; A bird Boy Hindu
Neshu God name; Lovely; Strong, well, hale and hearty, vigorous Boy Judaism
Pandiyaraj King of the king; Ruler of the pandiya naadu; King of the kingdom of pandiya Boy Hindu
Gayana Singing Girl Hindu
Prabodhan Having sacred wisdom; Knowledge; One who has holy and religious brilliance; One who has divine knowledge Boy Hindu
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