Hasta Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pujar Priest; One who is the priest Boy -
Shafath One who recommends things; Curing; Healing people Boy -
Punita Pure; A genuine and sacred person; Holy Girl -
Shagoon Fortunate; Auspicious moment; Luck; Omen; An auspicious moment in life Girl -
Pujayita One who religiously follows; One who is devoted to god; Worshipper Boy Hindu
Shardul Tiger; The best; Resembling a tiger Boy -
Shaila Stone; Stone, mountain; Rock; Mountain; Living in mountain; Goddess parvati Girl -
Pushta Strong; Flower petal Girl Hindu
Pulavan Topaz; One who is like a topaz Boy -
Shazeb Decorated king; A king who is decorated Boy Islam
Shawnnah Cute; The god's mercy is endless Girl -
Shaku A person who is grateful; Grateful Boy -
Pushpavathi Possessing flowers; Something that is flower decorated Girl -
Shawdi One who feels deep joy; Joy Girl -
Pushkala Abundant; Plentiful; Full; Rich; Complete Boy Hindu
Pushpya A blooming flower; Flower Unisex -
Shaizen No meaning as this is a modern name; A beautiful or preety girl Girl -
Shalaka Goddess parvati; Parvati Girl -
Shaffan Morning breeze; A woman cool as a morning breeze; Cool breeze Girl -
Purusha A person that is filled with spirit; Person; Spirit; Being Boy -
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