Hasta Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shauna Present; God's gift Boy -
Sham Strong person; He has a strong personality; Lord krishna; Evening; Darker skin tone Boy -
Sharina Princess; Brainy Girl Islam
Shawdi One who feels deep joy; Joy Girl -
Shahmeer Beauty; King of the king; One who is very handsome Boy Islam
Shandon An old and wise man; Variant of shaun from john Boy -
Shaah A king; Variant of shah: shah king Boy -
Purisha Bonding; Swamp or jungle; Heavenly ocean; Marshy regions of the ganges and eastern sarayu Boy Hindu
Shameem Variant of shamim: odor scent; A persons scent Boy Islam
Pugal To have glory or fame; Fame; Glory Boy -
Pooran Absolute; Fulfilled; Complete; Content; Whole; Satisfied; The perfect person Boy Hindu
Purayana An indian female name; Oldest Girl -
Puttika Small bee; A bee that is very, very small Girl -
Puttoli A little girl as perfect as the doll; Doll Girl -
Puneetinder Sacred lord; One sacred as the lord Boy -
Pulkesha The great ruler; Name of an ancient pallava king; Having hair like lion Boy Hindu
Poorvi A variant form of poorva; A classical melody Girl Hindu
Shallum Agreeable; Perfect; A perfect man who agrees to everything Boy -
Shamas He is the sun; The sun; Sunny Boy Islam
Shahryar A kingly person; King Boy -
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