Hawaiian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Keahilani The name means heaven's fire Unisex -
Nainoa The one who guards the kids or small children Boy Judaism
Kulani Kulani means like heaven, to reveal heaven Boy -
Kaiko Kaiko name means sea with strong current Unisex -
Kimo A form of james and jim; One who replace or supplants, a supplanter Boy Judaism
Puna A water spring; Again; Restart Unisex -
Ele The black, shining one; God is my light; Mercy Girl Christianity
Nalani Calmness of the heavens; The head, or the chief or the heavens Girl Judaism
Keomi Keola means the life unisex -
Kaui Kaui means the youth is beautiful Boy -
Makala Myrtle; Hebrew - who is like god; A variation of michaela Girl Judaism
Melia Latin - imitating; Work; War horn; Rivaling; Plumeria; Flatterer, industrious Girl -
Kahikilani Kahikilani means the arrival of the chief Boy -
Kealoha Kealoha means the one who is loved Unisex -
Kana An atom; Dexterity and skill; Kana means the one who has the power, powerful; A maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from molokai to hawaii.; Powerful Girl Hindu
Ahe Softly blowing breeze Unisex -
Ailana Strength of god the memory of the lord Girl -
Liliha Describing someone who is angry and disregarded; Angry disregard Girl -
Oke A latin word that means a horn from the war; Divine strength; A form of oscar Unisex Judaism
Alohilani Bright sky Boy -
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