Hawaiian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ailani High chief; "chief, leader Boy -
Kaeo Kaeo means strong; The victorious Boy -
Kualii Kualii means a famous chief Boy -
Noelani Fog from paradise; Mist of heaven Girl Judaism
Okelani A hindi word to a pleasant blue sky; From heaven Girl Judaism
Kani Sound also the hawaiian equivalent of sandy; Kani means sound Girl -
Kawikani Kawikani the one who is strong Boy -
Keka Note of a peacock; Keka means chosen, selected, appointed Unisex -
Kaimee Kaimee means seeker Boy -
Kulani Kulani means like heaven, to reveal heaven Boy -
Nanea A land of the heaven Girl Judaism
Kaloni The sky; Kaloni means the sky, the royal one Girl -
Puna A water spring; Again; Restart Unisex -
Kielle The name means gardenia Girl -
Ani Glass; The beautiful angelic girl Girl -
Oline Joyful or jovial or merry or jolly; Joyous Girl Judaism
Kekoa Kekoa means brave warrior Boy -
Maliana She who is beautiful Girl -
Palani Free man; Abode of lord murugan; A town name after god kartikeya Boy Judaism
Kalena Kalena is a flower name in polish and czeh; No meaning as this is a modern name Girl Judaism
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