Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Oralee Blowing in pasture, windy field; Light Girl Judaism
Jaydyn Refers to grateful or appreciative Boy Christianity
Mehitabel Variant of mehetabel: god benefits god's favor; God's joy Girl Judaism
Talora Morning's dew; Dew of the morning Girl Judaism
Selima Tranquil; One who brings comfort Girl -
Jamese Hebrew - yahweh may protect; From james; A variant of name james; Supplanter; Holder of heel Boy -
Jeanie Variant of john; Yahweh is full of tender care Girl Christianity
Mickel God is almighty and there is no one can be like him Boy Judaism
Jalynn God may protect Girl Islam
Hanika A graceful woman, swan; Swan Girl Christianity
Hersch Antelope, deer Boy Christianity
Debora Bee; A bee; From the old testament Girl Christianity
Janyce Modern name, form of jane, god is gracious Girl Christianity
Aziel Flower; God is providing power Boy -
Mattheus He who has been given by the lord Boy Judaism
Liz An oath of god; Abbreviation of elizabeth and eliza Girl Judaism
Tal Dew of heaven; Dew from god Girl Christianity
Abe Father of a multitude; Form of abraham, meaning father of many or father's exalted Boy Christianity,Islam
Matitiyahu Gift of god Boy Judaism
Rachamim Compassion Boy Judaism
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