Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lirael Name mentioned in the old testament Girl Judaism
Lasharon A traditional, ordinary and plain person Boy Judaism
Esty A feminized hebrew word which means star Girl Christianity
Ishaia God is salvation Boy Christianity
Leigha Weary and a tiresome Girl Judaism
Chiram Noble; An exalted and noble being Boy Judaism
Eliana Jehovah is god; God has given the answer Girl Christianity
Danniel Calm and soothing; Variant of daniel: god is my judge Girl Christianity
Annete ; Pure; Chaste; Hebrew - god was gracious; It is a variation of anna; God has shown favor; Grace Girl Judaism
Eshakol A grape cluster Boy Judaism
Absalon God the father is peace; Handsome prince; Variant of absalom: father of peace Boy Judaism
Binah Dancer; One who lives in the moment and is understanding; Understanding Girl Christianity
Elishama God hears; God hears everyone Boy Judaism
Noam Loveliness or satisfaction; Pleasant friend Unisex Judaism
Evanesca An event that fades away Girl Christianity
Davood A friend; David; Helper Boy -
Jenson Has shown favor'; Junior jen or born son of jen; Variant of the hebrew john 'jehovah has been gracious Boy Christianity
Davene A beloved darling Girl Christianity
Susan Lord shiva; From susannah; Kinship; Lily diminutive of susannah also used as an independent name. in the apocryphal book of tobit susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. white lilies grew in the biblical city of susa in pe Girl Christianity
Jordell Variant of hebrew jordan down flowing; People with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature they look life in a unque way they are bee-keeper or monk Boy Hindu
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