Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Devasenapati Warrior for the gods in heaven; Lord murugan; The army chief of heavenly gods; Consort of devasena; One who is like the army chief of all the heavenly gods Boy -
Manoroma Good looking; Beautiful; Pleasing; Charming Girl Hindu
Anak Ornament; A collar Boy Hindu
Athul Unique; Without match; Matchless or incomparable; A person who cannot be compared to others Boy -
Purvansh One rising in the east; Brilliant and radiant sun in the east; Sun; Purv disha; East Boy Hindu
Anjanikumar One of many names of hanuman in reference to him being son of anjana; Lord hanuman Boy Hindu
Sulaksha Lucky; A very lucky one Girl Hindu
Kuvira Courageous woman; Kuvira means courageous woman Girl Judaism
Veronika Croatian form of veronica it means true and honest; Honest image Girl Christianity
Ramoji Lord rama; An incarnation of lord vishnu; One of many names of lord rama; A name to the ultimately formless (advita) Boy Hindu
Sukeshi One with beautiful hair; With beautiful hari Girl Hindu
Angamuthu Made of pearls; They are made of beautiful pearls Boy -
Neesha Night; Women; Dark night or dusky period; Dream Girl Judaism
Subhra Bright; A white woman Girl Hindu
Jeneane The mercy of god is forever Girl Hindu
Kutaja A good seed; Born in a pitcher; Indra's seed; Good Boy Hindu
Joshil The meaning of joshil is powerful; Powerful Boy Hindu
Sateendra Lord vishnu; Lord of truth Boy -
Shakini She is the most beautiful one; Goddess parvati; Demon. Girl -
Duradhama Black home; The one who has leadership qualities Boy Hindu
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