Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dvibahuka One who is two armed; Two armed Boy Hindu
Partha One of many names of arjun signifying his archery skills and as one who will never miss a target; Son of the earth; A name given to arjun by lord krishna; Arjun Boy Hindu
Karna The pandavas half brother; The firstborn of kunti; Karna means ear; Horn of an animal Boy Christianity
Jainish Lord of ganesh; Lord of jain; Lord vishnu; Lord of triumphant Boy Hindu
Divekar One who saves; Soft; Name of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Fanadhar Snake; A snake Boy Hindu
Hund From battleship field Boy Hindu
Theenash Rising star; A rising star Boy Hindu
Chitnirmal Pure heart; The one having a pure heart Boy Hindu
Hanit Spade; Happiness; A beautiful diamond Girl Hindu
Prathita Renowned; Celebrated; Popular; Famous; Known Boy Hindu
Ravindra Brilliant; Sun; Raadiant and bright sun; The strength of the sun Boy Hindu
Sawan A hindu month; Ain; Hindu month Boy -
Habeeballah God's beloved, loved by god Boy Hindu
Hridayanand Joy of the heart Boy Christianity
Dattatri Significance of god; Meaning of god Boy -
Naagdhar One who wears cobra (lord shiva); Refers to the lord shiva, who wears the cobra around his neck Boy Judaism
Chitra A picture; A stat; A nakshatra; Drawing; Raagini; Picture; Bright.; Name of a river; A; 14th nakshatra Girl Hindu
Lubania Flowers Girl Hindu
Amrik The one who is filled with sweet nectar; Nectar Boy -
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