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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Phalguna Born when falguni nakshatra was in ascent; One whose birth star is falguni; Name of a month in spring season; One of names of arjuna Girl Hindu
Janaknandini Goddess sita; Daugter of king janak (sita) Girl Hindu
Melinda Combination of melanie and linda; Blend of melissa and linda.; Variant of melissa; Highborn power; Bee; Strong work; Gentle.; One who is sweet and gentle; Germanic - hard worker; Greek - honey; Honey; From the name melanie; Industrious Girl Christianity,Greek
Biljana The name biljana comes from the serbian and croatian origin the name comes from the word "bilje" meaning plant Girl Hindu
Kulus Kulus means clearness, purity; Purity; Clearness Girl -
Ciddhatu Soul in it's pure and original form; Original soul Boy Hindu
Jita Successful; Conquered; Triumphant; Winner; Victor Boy Hindu
Gurkiratsingh Guru; Gurkirat collaborated with two words guru and kirat. guru means master or lord and kirat means songs of praises. so gurkirat means songs of the praises for lord. singh is the symbol name of sikh religion, Boy Christianity
Samiun The hearing; One who listens to others Girl -
Manasroop Embodiment of humanity; A person who is embodiment of the humanity Boy Judaism
Navadh Powerful; The ninth element or count Boy Judaism
Doryu Way of the dragon; One who understands the ways of a dragon Boy Buddhism
Larraj A sage; A wise and enlightened one, a guru Boy Judaism
Yad A lebanese word for jade; Remembrance Boy Islam
Hirav Greenery; The lush greenery on the surface of the earth; Means greenery. the lush greenery on the surface of the earth Boy Hindu
Gaursundar One with white and shining body; Lord chaitanya; Lord chaitanya who is an avatar of lord krishna with fair skin Boy -
Azhmeer Clever wise; A clever and wise person Boy -
Mani Mantra for understanding; Father of ketil.; From the mountain; Gem; A jewel Boy Judaism
Akar To evolve; Shape; Shape, to form, to materialize; Flowing stream; A variant of name aakar; White crystal; Form; To develop Boy Hindu
Dhyanesh Meditative being; One who meditates; Contemplation; Meditative Boy Hindu
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