Indian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pramath Horse Boy Hindu
Jyotiranjana Flame of happiness, delight and bliss; Joyous flame Boy Hindu
Lajyabati Modest; Means modest Girl Judaism
Khulus Purity; Khulus means purity; Clearness Boy -
Joginder Lord shiva; Establishing union with god; Gentle , kind, stubborn, happy, enthusiast.lord shiva Boy Christianity
Harianka In the lap of lord vishnu; In the lap of vishnu Boy -
Abdul hayy Slave of the living; This islam name stands for servant of living god Boy Islam
Shola Ag; Shakti; A blessed one Girl -
Nazaha Chest; Honesty; The person who is on right; Righteousness; Purity Girl -
Mitula Moderate; A moderate person, an average one, pleasant Girl Judaism
Najaf Strong; A mighty hillock. name of a holy city of iraq Boy -
Ratinderpal Advice; One who always has a good advice to give Boy -
Pranitha Character; Promoted; One who is presented to others; Beatuy; Expert Girl -
Abhayda Fearless and brave; Courageous Boy Hindu
Alagarasan Handsome; Also alagarasu; Handsome king; King of beauty; One of many names of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Lovely Beautiful, charming and alluring one; Sweet; Beautiful Unisex Judaism
Chumki A shiny star; Glitters; A decorative star Girl Hindu
Daivey The one who is dearly loved; Dearly loved Boy Christianity
Zamda Name of a plant that grows in quick sand; A plant that grows in quick Girl Islam
Digbhraja The sun; One who is born to help others; Fire of the sky Boy Hindu
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