Indonesian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kemuning A yellow flower found in indonesia Girl -
Pratam The first; A person who belongs to the highest, first status; Lord ganesha Boy -
Wangi Fragrant Girl -
Gunadi Something that's meaningful, meaningful Boy -
Gemi Refers to uncertain or unsure life time Unisex Hindu
Chahaya Light Boy -
Murni Pure, a pure soul Girl -
Utama Prominent or ultimate Girl -
Bintang Star Boy -
Cipta To create Boy -
Kristiono A christian man or a follower of christmas Boy Christianity,Greek
Kadek Younger sibling the name is generally given to second child Boy Islam
Putra Prince; Son of his father; Word; To be someone's son; Son Boy -
Merpati A dove Girl -
Puspita Full grown woman; A woman who has all the qualities of the flower Girl -
Mentari The sun, who gives powerful light to whole world Unisex -
Dumadi Becoming Boy -
Mega Clouds; A girl who is like the clouds; Raining; Rain Girl -
Vikal Singer; Twilight, evening or close of the day Boy Hindu
Bakti An obedient boy Boy Buddhism
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