Irish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bridie Strong; A high one Girl Christianity
Shae An admirable man, from the fairy fortress; Variant of shea courteous Unisex -
Corry Variant of cory meaning variously - from the round hill: seething pool: ravine; A bubbly, frothy pool or ravine Girl Christianity
Ceallach To be in a war, strife; Strife Boy Christianity
Loman Bare; A bare and empty place Unisex Judaism
Adeen Little fire shining brightly; Little fire Boy -
Ernia An irish word meaning serios and earnest Girl Christianity
Makayla Meaning 'who is like god?'; Beautiful; Who is like god?; Form of michaela; A name from the bible, who is like a god? Girl Judaism
Keilah Keliah means a citadel, forest; Lively: aggressive variant of kelly Girl Christianity
Eoppa A royal prince Boy Christianity
Ceire Saint; A saint; The little one Girl Christianity
Channing Member of the church; Young wolf Boy Christianity
Eimile One who is practical natured and free detailed Girl Christianity
Sosanna Lily; She is like a lily flower Girl Christianity
Case He who brings peace to men; Variant of casey alert: vigorous Boy Christianity
Gilly The name gilly means flower, gillyflower it is of german, gaelic and irish origin and a female name Girl Christianity
Argyle From the land of the irish; Ruler of gauls Boy -
Bolan God's spoken word; He who is a little poet Boy Christianity
Harkyn Irish - dark red; A variant of harkin Boy -
Teertah Holy place; A holy place; Pilgramage Girl Hindu
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