Islam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abdul muizz A servant of honourer, respected and dignified Boy Islam
Harkirat Who sings of god praise; Praise of god Boy Islam
Abdulqader Slave to the talented and capable personality Boy Islam
Mubariz A lebanese term for soldier or police Boy Islam
Zarmisha A golden flower Girl Islam
Sharafat A man of great nobility; Nobility good manners Boy Islam
Abdeladir The servant of the capable Boy Islam
Yoonus A prophet's name; A variant transcription is yunus; A prophets name; Variant of yunus: the biblical jonas is the english language equivalent a prophets name Boy Islam
Yalqoot A charitable woman; An early philanthropic woman Girl Islam
Jalynne Modern american name Girl Islam
Ensar It means helpers Boy Islam
Tanwir The enlightened one; Enlightening illuminating Boy Islam
Kaleph A successor, a spiritual leader of islam Boy Christianity
Fariel N/a; A man who is like a star Boy Islam
Abderrahman The one who is servant of the merciful Boy Islam
Sorborno A beautiful and happy individual Girl Islam
Tahmina Rustams wife in famous poem; Strong woman; Rustam's wife in a famous poem Girl Islam
Nyree The most praised person the most graceful of the islamic prophet; Maori name made popular by new zealand actress nyree dawn porter Girl Judaism
Izet Greatness, glory Boy Islam
Abdul wakil Servant of an individual one who is having all controls of things; Slave of trustee Boy Islam
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