Islam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Yazeed To increase grow enhance; He who makes progress Boy Islam
Mulazim Persisting; Tenacious, persisting; Tenacious Boy Islam
Abdul jabbar Means one who serves the comforter; Servant of the compeller Boy Islam
Tahura Honest, principled person Boy Islam
Kaida Little dragon; Kaida means little dragon Girl Islam
Busayrah Someone's female companion; Good tiding Girl Islam
Abadard Prosperous; one who possesses prosperity; The one who possesses prosperity Boy Islam
Abahh Nick name of al-abahh; An astrologer of al mamun and basically al-abahh was the nickname of al hasan ibn ibrahim Boy Islam
Mourib One who is fluent and eloquent Boy Islam
Sunbul Ear spike of grain; A very delicate frail woman Girl Islam
Ayas Persian - morning breeze; Gold; To cause good to somebody Boy Islam
Suhayl One with no troubles; Gentle; Easy; The name of a star Boy Islam
Taraz Decoration; Ornamentation; He who perseveres; Powerful; Strong Boy Islam
Tayyiba Pleasant; Good-natured girl; Agreeable; Good Girl Islam
Smera Smily; Smiling Girl Islam
Yeraz Dream Boy Islam
Shaqiqa To be a sister Girl Islam
Silai Pashto word for wind Girl Islam
Subimal A very clear person; Very clear Boy Islam
Thuhayba A wealthy star; One who is thankful Girl Islam
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