Islamic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Daghfal Name of ibn-hanzalah; Name of the first islamic geologist Boy Islam
Aabideen Zainul abidin is a islam name for baby boy and meaning is ornament of the worshippers, it is probably taken from early islamic leader zainul abidin Boy Islam
Ashur Swahili name for a child born during the muslim month of ashur; Assyrian - god of war; Biblical - who is happy; Hebrew - warlike; Islamic month Boy Judaism
Pejman Desire; A variant of name pezhman; An islamic surname; Sad; Broken-hearted; Broken hearted; Wish Boy Zoroastrianism
Abduh An epithet of muhammad; Originated from islamic and it is an appellation of muhammad Boy Islam
Aswad Means black; Islamic name (black stone) in moka; Arabic and egyptian name; Black Boy Islam
Shaheeda Martyr in the cause of islam; A martyr for the islamic cause; Whiteness Girl Islam
Shabaan A name of islamic month; Eighth month of the muslim lunar calendar; Islamic month Boy Islam
Qalam Pen; A type of pen made from a dried reed, used for islamic calligraphy Boy Islam
Hunain Islamic place; Valley where fight happened in time of prophetmuhammad Boy -
Abdullah Slave of god; servant of god; Islamic mystic muhammad's father name was abdullah; God's slave or servant of allah Boy Islam
Hanash An islamic hadith was narrated by him; A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Boy Hindu
Caliph An islamic title Boy Christianity,Islam
Alfaqih Islamic legal expert Boy -
Kunta Kunta is a name of islamic tribe in africa Unisex -
Shaban Islamic month; Eighth month of the muslim lunar calendar; An eight month of the muslim lunar calendar Boy Islam
Abdul baari Servant of the evolver; Islamic name means slave of creator or evolver Boy Islam
Hakam One of the names of islamic god, the arbitrator; One of the ninety-nine excellent names of god Boy Christianity
Mahmoud Praised; One who is praised by people; Variant used for mohammad - founder of islamic religion praiseworthy: glorified Boy -
Hassan Grandson of prophet muhammad.; Good, handsome, beautiful, one who beautifies; Handsome. beautiful. early imam (leader) of islam; An islamic; Handsome; Grandson of the prophet Boy -
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