Israeli Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hanah Hebrew - yahweh is gracious, yahweh is merciful; God has shown mercy; A variant is hana; Favor; Grace Girl -
Shachna Close to god Boy Judaism
Ayelet A gazelle; Gazelle Girl -
Achima He will establish Girl Judaism
Ronen A song that brings joy; To be glad / to sing Boy -
Tseeli Princess Girl Judaism
Alia Descender; Noble, splendid, decent; An old german name meaning all; High. exalted. lofty. sublimity.; Princess of the academics; Immigrant to a new home.; Noble Girl -
Geva Hill Girl Christianity
Ahiram Brother of the exalted; Brother of craft or of protection Boy Judaism
Freyde Referring delight, pleasure or cheerful; Joy Girl Judaism
Hillel Greatly praised; To praise Boy Christianity
Mirtza Sea of bitterness Girl Judaism
Juda From judah; The one who is praised they are dashing and romantic in nature blessed with a lot of blessings and have strong spirit Unisex -
Samala Asked of god heard from god; The one who was requested from the god Girl -
Kaela Beloved sweetheart; Kaela is a girl name meaning the laurel crown Girl Christianity
Addai Man of god Boy -
Kaniel Kaniel means the lord supports me; Reed; Stalk Boy Christianity
Alitza Joy; Joyous Girl Judaism
Jeriel Strong: open-minded blend of jerold and darell; God has witnessed; In the bible, one of the six sons of tola and patriarch of the israeli tribe of issachar Boy Christianity
Bethuel Filiation of god; Man of god Boy Judaism
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