Israeli Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abrasha Yiddish form of abraham, meaning father of a multitudes; Father Boy Judaism
Anath Song; The answer; Answer; Poverty Girl Judaism
Dafne Laurel tree; The laurel tree the mythological virtuous daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from apollo Girl -
Raya Zeal; A beloved friend; Flowing of a river; A name similar to rai; Bulgarian - heaven; Flow/ sated with drink Boy -
Elazaro God has helped Boy Judaism
Yadira Friend; Someone who is worthy and suitable also, a beloved friend Girl Christianity
Geva Hill Girl Christianity
Juda From judah; The one who is praised they are dashing and romantic in nature blessed with a lot of blessings and have strong spirit Unisex -
Ornette Light, cedar tree Girl Judaism
Sydelle Princess Girl Christianity
Jafit Beauty; She who is beautiful; Beautiful Girl Judaism
Hillel Greatly praised; To praise Boy Christianity
Channah Goddess of life; Favor of god Girl Christianity
Alia Descender; Noble, splendid, decent; An old german name meaning all; High. exalted. lofty. sublimity.; Princess of the academics; Immigrant to a new home.; Noble Girl -
Yeshayahu God is salvation Boy Judaism
Vitke Life Girl Judaism
Aleah Immigrant to a new home; Sublime Girl -
Jaran Cry of rejoicing; Modern variant of israeli jaron cry of rejoicing Boy Christianity
Eiran He who is awake and vigilant Boy Judaism
Yakira Hebrew - beloved; Dearmost; A variant form of yakar; Expensive; Precious Girl Judaism
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