Italian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nino God is gracious; Darling one to amun Boy Judaism
Speranza A woman who brings hope to men; Hope Girl Christianity
Mea She who belongs to me; Mine Girl -
Cristine Follower of christ; Italian and spanish form of "christine" Girl Christianity
Marcello Little warrior; A warrior who is of young age Boy Judaism
Madonna My lady, a way respectful way to address a woman; Our lady Girl Judaism
Bellini Derived from belle Girl Christianity
Clementina Clemency: mercy clemence was the mythological roman goddess of pity; Feminine derivative of 'clement', meaning gentle, soft and pleasant Girl Christianity
Fantino A form of fantinus, meaning baby boy Boy Christianity
Emberto Someone who is a bright warrior Boy Christianity
Belladonna Beautiful woman Girl Christianity
Giovonni Variant of john 'god has shown favor' see also jovan; Italian male name that means god is gracious Boy Christianity
Cerelia Mistress: lady feminine of cyril; The fertile one Girl Christianity
Nunziatina The one who brings announcements Girl Judaism
Abriana Variant of italian; Female variant of abraham that means father of multitude Girl Judaism,Christianity
Neroli Orange blossom; The flower which is orange in color Girl Judaism
Cattia One pure and chaste girl Girl Christianity
Arrigo House owner; Variant of name amerigo; Warrior; To rule; Germanic - army; Rules the estate Boy Christianity
Julio Youth; People with this name try their best to please everyone they show interest in making friends Boy Christianity
Ludovica Famous in war and battle Girl Judaism
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