Italian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Alonza Prompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings; Ready for battle Girl -
Eliodoro They are the gift sent from sun Boy Christianity
Loretto A boy from ancient italian city laurentum; Laurel Boy Judaism
Karrisa The name karrisa means embrace, caress Girl Christianity
Patrizia A noble and kind hearted being; Noble Girl Judaism
Paola Latin - small; Little; Humble; A derivative from the name paula Girl -
Ysabelle Italian form of isabel: conseacrated to god; Consecrated to god Girl Christianity
Silvio He who loves the woods; Form of silvan Boy Christianity
Vicenzu A variant of vincentius it means to conquer Boy Christianity
Modesto Modesty; Moderate the spanish saint modesto; Mehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud Girl Judaism
Guido Guide; Guido means life the person with this name is full of life and knows how to live this life Boy -
Eufemia Favourable speech; To speak or to declare or words of good omen; Well regarded; Sweet spoken; Well-spoken; One with the good reputation Girl Christianity
Giada No meaning as this is a modern name; Jade, a stone of the side Girl Christianity
Pietra One who is rock solid; Rock Girl Judaism
Totie The blessings from the god; Gift of god Boy Christianity
Rosene A rosy looking young girl Girl -
Ennio The italian form of the word ennius; A famous poet during roman civilization Boy Christianity
Donatas One who is being given a hand; Helping nature Girl Christianity
Sienna Reddish orange-brown; Reddish brown; From siena Unisex -
Serena Having a peaceful disposition; Tranquil.; Calm; Serene and tranquil one; Serene; Quiet calm; Quiet Girl -
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