Jainism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ratesh The lord of truth; Lord of truth Boy Jainism
Vama Durga; A lovely woman; Lady; Lord shiva; Woman Girl Jainism
Nainshi Beautiful like eyes; A lady with beautiful eyes Girl Jainism
Samvar Content; One who is content and satisfied Boy Jainism
Vasu Wealth; Lord vishnu; One who is divine and precious Boy Jainism
Viram Brave; A man who is very strong Boy Jainism
Unnati Development and progress; Progress Girl Jainism
Veeresh One who is brave and strong; Brave lord; The king of all warriors; Another name of lord shiva Boy Jainism
Viren One who is the leader of heroes; Brave lord Boy Jainism
Sumatikumar Sumatikumar is a variation of sumatinath sumatinath is the name of 5th tirthankara Boy Jainism
Vidyanand One who enjoys learning (ganesh); One who is happy with his knowledge Boy Jainism
Bhartendu Moon of lord india; Moon of india Boy Jainism
Vapra Garden bed Girl Jainism
Amoghvarsh Another name of lord ganesha also the name of a jain king of medieval maharashtra; A jain king of medieval maharastra Boy Jainism
Bramhila It's a variation of bramhi, one of many names of lord saraswati Girl Jainism
Sidhesh Proved; Lord ganesh; Lord of the blessed; Lord of shiva Boy Jainism
Vidya Wisdom. another name of goddess sarasvati; Goddess durga; Learning; Having great wisdom Girl Jainism
Indrani Indrani is the name of hindu goddess of beauty and wife of lord indra. the name means queen of indra; Wife of lord indra; Goddess of the sky.; Wife of indra Girl Jainism
Padmanath Padmanath is derived from the name padmaprabhu Boy Jainism
Trushti Goddess; Satisfied; Satisfaction Girl Jainism
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