Jainism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sumatikumar Sumatikumar is a variation of sumatinath sumatinath is the name of 5th tirthankara Boy Jainism
Samantbhadra A famous jain acharya from ancient india; Samantbhadra is the name of a famous jain acharya from ancient india it means to feel complete or whole Boy Jainism
Chandanbala Chandanbala is derived from chandana and means scented wood or sandalwood Girl Jainism
Devesh Lord shiva; Another name of lord shiva; God of gods Boy Jainism
Chamundrai Commander in chief of jain king gangraj in medieval karnataka; The name of the commander in chief of jain king gangraj in medieval karnataka Boy Jainism
Varshil Good and well behaved boy; Good boy Boy Jainism
Vasupal King Boy Jainism
Shatichandra Shatichandra is taken from the name shantinath and means lord of peace Boy Jainism
Chelana Daughter of king chetak of vaishali; Derived from chel; Awareness it's the name of king shrenik's wife; Garment; Wife of king shrenik Girl Jainism
Samvar Content; One who is content and satisfied Boy Jainism
Ativeer One who is extremely brave and courageous Boy Jainism
Nemish Angel of death; Nemish is a variation of the name neminath Boy Jainism
Jinali A name of lord vishnu; Great; Grateful; Blessed Girl Jainism
Aneri Extra ordinary; One who is extraordinary Girl Jainism
Suhash Ever smiling; One with a sweet smile, sweet smiled Boy Jainism
Padmakumar Son of lakshmi; Padmakumar is a derivation of padmaprabhu Boy Jainism
Nabhinandan Lord rishabhdev; A name of lord rishabhdev Boy Jainism
Vrajesh Lord krishna; A name of lord krishna Boy Jainism
Dirgh Long; Long life Boy Jainism
Munindra The best among the saints; Best among saints Boy Jainism
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