Japanese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Junpei Kind; Innocent; Japanese - pure; Considerate; Genuine Boy -
Anzu An apricot; Apricot feminine of ripeness; A sweet child Girl -
Minami The one who lived in the south region, one who is from south Girl Judaism
Rini One who is like a little sweet bunny; Jingle sound Girl -
Amya Unknown; Japanese - night rain; Hebrew - people of god Girl Judaism
Kazuya Kazuya means the calm and peaceful one; Peaceful one Boy Christianity
Morika A fragrance of the forest; Pea hen Girl Judaism
Kenji Intelligent second son; Kenji means he is strong and vigorous, a wise second son; Strong and vigorous Boy Christianity
Kage The name kage means shadow Boy Christianity
Miku Beautiful crimson colour; A beautiful sky, also means a beautiful time Girl Judaism
Keon Keomi means pure beauty; Form of ewan from john Girl Christianity
Kaori Kaori means the rope of the bird snares; Strong Girl Christianity
Moriko A child that hails from the forest; Forest child Girl Judaism
Junko Japanese - sincere child; Obedient, genuine, pure Girl -
Maru Used to suffix in japanese names; Gentle; Something precious Boy -
Mon Gate; Gateway Girl -
Okimi The bright shining light Girl Judaism
Yoshi Better or best among the rest; The good; Respectful Boy Hindu
Chikafusa The close one Boy Christianity
Masa Straight forward; Japanese name meaning true sand Boy Judaism
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