Japanese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kyoko Mirror; Kyoko means mirror Girl Judaism
Samuru His name is god; Form of samuel Boy -
Daiki Very valuable; Filled with radiance and light; The noble one Boy Christianity
Raiden Thunder; The thunder god Boy -
Teijo A righteous boy; Righteous; Well governed Boy Shinto
Akina Spring flower; Solidarity, bond, family bond Girl -
Taru A vast and huge sea of water; Tree; Small plant Unisex Christianity,Buddhism
Michi The upright path; Righteous way Unisex Judaism
Sen Name of lotus flower; Wood fairy Girl -
Hibiki Sound; Echo Boy -
Keola The life; Kanzou means wise and three Boy Christianity
Mika In hebrew, it means a gift from the almighty in japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance; Abbreviation of michaela:micaela: mikaela: mikayla: mychaela: mikella feminine of michael gift from god Girl Judaism
Kura Treasure house; The name means treasure house Girl Judaism
Maiko A child that has a love for dancing Girl Judaism
Hideki Excellence, esteem, excellent Boy -
Kiaria Kiaria means a lot of fortune; Fortunate Girl Judaism
Masae One who is blessed with elegance Girl Judaism
Sumiko Lovely child; She is a beautiful child of goodness Girl Shinto
Takai N/a; The next world Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Chihiro Thousand springs Girl Christianity
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