Judaism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Linwood Woods where flax grow; From the linden tree dell Boy Judaism
Laniban The name of lord shiva; Lord shiva Boy Judaism
Pace Passover; One who has a peaceful nature; Child of easter; Easter Boy Judaism
Kutaka Kutaka means the flower's song; Song of a flower Girl Judaism
Neelmegam The colored skin of lord krishna; Clouds in sky just before rain Boy Judaism
Makaira One who brings happiness Girl Judaism
Nerlap Unattached; The one who is separated or uncommitted Boy Judaism
Miller One who belongs or hails from the mills; One who grinds grain occupational surname Boy Judaism
Marianel A star of rebelliousness Boy Judaism
Morgayne Medieval form of welsh morcan meaning bright sea; Who lives near the sea Girl Judaism
Morcant The bright and clear sea, a huge sea Boy Judaism
Mo Love; Lord of shiva; God murugan; Nickname for name mohan / monty; Honoured; A dark skinned person, a saviour or defender Boy Judaism
Kinga Kinga means clan a family Girl Judaism
Niklaus The conquer for the nation; People's victory Boy Judaism
Nien Year; The period of time that it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around the sun Boy Judaism
Mervyn Famous friend; The oceanic mountain Boy Judaism
Nooa The lady of the sun Boy Judaism
Ottar A born fighter and is very powerful; Fighter Boy Judaism
Ngaio The image or mirror image on the water places; Light reflecting on water Girl Judaism
Maizey Scottish name meaning pearl Girl Judaism
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