Jyeshtha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Yasim Sweet smelling like jasmine; Jasmine; Fragrance; Beautiful and fair Girl Islam
Yasar Ease wealth; Wealth, ease Boy Islam
Noak Relief, well being or dwelling peacefully; Rest Boy Judaism
Yakira Hebrew - beloved; Dearmost; A variant form of yakar; Expensive; Precious Girl Judaism
North One of the main directions , north; From the north Boy Judaism
Yathartha Truth; High Girl Hindu
Yagnakaya One who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings; Acceptor of all sacred & sacrificial offerings Boy Hindu
Nokhez Newly born or fresh one or newcomer; Newly bloomed; Arising Boy -
Yaffa Beautiful Girl Judaism
Yaritza Water; Water lady Girl -
Jyeshtha A nakshatra; Eldest daughter; Jyeshtha means the eldest; Biggest Boy Christianity
Yuliana Youthful; Down-bearded youth Girl Christianity
Nohealani Beauty from heaven; Prettiest woman from paradise Girl Judaism
Yaman Yamraj; God of death; Lord yama; Proper name Boy Islam
Yugantar Distance between two generations, firm in the battle, or ever lasting; Ever lasting Boy Hindu
Yazeed To increase grow enhance; He who makes progress Boy Islam
Yamuna Jamuna river; Holy river; From the yamuna river; One of the holy rivers of india Girl Hindu
Yagavi Bright Girl Hindu
Yazan Resolved; A determined man; Determined Boy Islam
Yar A companion or friend; Friend Boy Islam
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