Jyeshtha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Norvyn Friend of the north; Close buddy from the north face Boy Judaism
Norvin Friend of the north; The one closer to heart from the north side Boy Judaism
Yakira Hebrew - beloved; Dearmost; A variant form of yakar; Expensive; Precious Girl Judaism
Yauva Teenager; Young or youth; Young Boy Hindu
Noland Renowned: noble; Remarkable, eminent, prominent Boy Judaism
Norrshant One who is a chief and is protected by god; God Boy Judaism
Northtun The proprietor of the north farm house; From the north farm Boy Judaism
Nojood Wise; Intelligent or knowledge, possess excellent skills; Noble Girl -
Noa Undertaking or wave program or indication; Movement Unisex Judaism
Norm The procedure of doing something; From the north Boy Judaism
Normandy One of the provinces in france; Provence in france Girl Judaism
Yaqoot Ruby; Garnet; Ruby, garnet; Coral; Gold; Pearl Boy Islam
Noshi Honeyed, sweetened, sugary; Sweet; Father (algonquin); A fatherly man Unisex Judaism
Yadunath Lord krishna; One of many names of lord krishna signifying him as lord of yadavas Boy Hindu
Nox Dark period or gloomy and dusky night; Myth name (night) Unisex Judaism
Yadgar Remembrance; Memorable; A memento Boy Islam
Yuyutsu Eager to fight; One who is eager to fight Boy Hindu
Nowa Bight and powerful nimble; Light Girl -
Noah Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm; Comfort Unisex Judaism
Norwinn Friend of the north; Close chum who lives in the northern cliff Boy Judaism
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