Kannada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Vasudhara Earth Girl Hindu
Priyala Dear one; One who gives love; Affectionate person; Beloved; Honourable Girl Hindu
Pranav Phonic sound for sacred syllable om; The sacred syllable om; Symbol; Prayer; To make a humming or droning sound Boy Hindu
Bhrithi Strengthened; Cherished; Nourished Girl Hindu
Shishir Cold; Name of a season, cold; Name of a season; Winter Boy -
Bhavish Future; Lord of existence; Supreme being who is source of life Boy -
Jaiden God has heard him; Variant of jayden (god has heard) Boy Christianity
Shobika Brilliant; A girl who is brilliant and beautiful; Beautiful Girl -
Purnendu To resamble a full moon; Full moon Boy -
Tanak Prize Boy Hindu
Chandrodaya Rising moon; Moonrise; One who is bright and luminous like the moon Boy -
Dhavesh One who is fair complexioned and white; Bright; Lustrous Boy -
Krishnav New-age form of krishna avatara; New-age form of krishna avatar; An incarnate of lord shri krishna Boy Hindu
Salena Variant of sally (from sarah: princess); Variant of selina: moon goddess; The moon; Salt; From a salty place; Goddess of the moon Girl -
Pradeep Shine; Lamp; Light; A lamp that shines light Boy -
Kuldeep Kuldeep means light of the family; Light of the house; Light of family; Heir to the family Boy Judaism
Shansa Praise Boy -
Akshaya One who cannot be destroyed; Indestructible; Imperishable Boy Hindu
Jayani A sakthi of ganesha; One who brings victory; A shakti of ganesha Girl Christianity
Remi Person who is an oarsman, a rower; Rower Boy -
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