Kannada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nilesh Krishna; The dark lord; The lord of blue or sapphire or lord krishna, ; Lord krishna; Blue god Boy Judaism
Pradyut One who is like a light; Light Boy -
Rajyashree King like sage; Propriety of a king Girl -
Mahati Great; Name of a raaga, the great one; Name of a raaga Girl Judaism
Ashakiran Ray of hope Girl -
Janhvi River; A river Girl Christianity
Aagneya Karna, the great warrior, one who is born from fire (son of the fire); The great warrior; Son of the fire; One who is born from fire (son of the fire); Son of agni; Karna; Derivative of name aagney; Child of flames Boy Hindu
Ratish Lord of rati; Lord of love; Cupid; Name of kamdev Boy Hindu
Mikesh A kind of lord; A mate, a companion or an associate Boy Judaism
Tapasya Meditation; One who is warm Unisex Hindu
Maral Deer; Soft; A deer. name reffers to a caspian red deer; Gentle; Swan Girl Judaism
Mayuri Someone who is like a peacock; Peahen; Pea-hen Girl Hindu
Pankajan Lord vishnu; One who is born out of mud; Lotus Boy Judaism
Mitali The friendly person, a good friend; A friendly and sweet woman; Friendly; A beloved friend; Friendship Girl Judaism
Nagnath The lord or the deity of snakes; King of snake Boy Judaism
Jainil Victorious god swaminarayan; Victory of blue; Victorious god swami narayan; Triumph of lord vishnu Boy Hindu
Praver Chief; A person who in charge of things Boy -
Rohi Strong; An ascending man Girl -
Rajit Brilliant; One who is decorated; Decorated; A brilliant decoration Boy -
Kamod A raga; Kamod means the one who grants wishes, generous; He fulfills wishes Boy Hindu
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